Auspicious Hindu Marriage Date 2014

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Hindus are very much particular about their marriage dates. Every year, certain dates which are considered auspicious for performing marriages. They believe Shubh Muhurat reduces the problems that may arise in the marital life. For finding auspicious Muhurat people refer day, tithi, lagna, Nakshatra and the birth (moon) sign of the bride and groom. Here are the Auspicious Hindu Wedding Dates for the year 2013. A learned scholar/ Brahmin in Hindu astrology should be consulted before choosing a marriage date out of published marriage dates as there may be a change in this date according to your Astro and your sign.

Auspicious Marriage Date Shubh Vivah Muhurat Nakshatra For Marriage
19th January (Sunday) 12:02 to 16:08 Magha
20th January (Monday) 18:33 to 24:47+ Uttara Phalguni
21st January (Tuesday) 24:46+ to 32:35+ Hasta
22nd January (Wednesday) 08:35 to 16:48 Hasta
25th January (Saturday) 22:42 to 27:21+ Anuradha
26th January (Sunday) 14:22 to 21:24 Anuradha
28th January (Tuesday) 09:59 to 16:55 Mula
03rd February (Monday) 09:04 to 32:12+ Uttara Bhadrapada, Revati
04th February (Tuesday) 08:12 to 17:03 Revati
16th February (Sunday) 24:18+ to 31:43+ Uttara Phalguni
17th February (Monday) 07:43 to 16:16 Uttara Phalguni
20th February (Thursday) 07:36 to 29:30+ Swati
22nd February (Saturday) 22:53 to 29:00+ Anuradha
24th February (Monday) 09:25 to 13:36 Mula
26th February (Wednesday) 10:11 to 21:26 Uttara Ashadha
02nd March (Sunday) 11:20 to 31:09+ Uttara Bhadrapada
03rd March (Monday) 07:09 to 26:57+ Uttara Bhadrapada, Revati
07th March (Friday) 10:25 to 24:35+ Rohini
08th March (Saturday) 13:26 to 30:54+ Mrigashirsha
09th March (Sunday) 06:54 to 15:00 Mrigashirsha
15th April (Tuesday) 18:39 to 30:16+ Swati
16th April (Wednesday) 06:16 to 18:37 Swati
18th April (Friday) 10:06 to 17:22 Anuradha
20th April (Sunday) 06:06 to 15:02 Mula
21st April (Monday) 13:38 to 30:01+ Uttara Ashadha
22nd April (Tuesday) 06:01 to 12:08 Uttara Ashadha
01st May (Thursday) 05:40 to 23:03 Rohini
08th May (Thursday) 05:25 to 22:09 Magha
10th May (Saturday) 05:21 to 09:54 Uttara Phalguni
22:23 to 29:19+ Uttara Phalguni, Hasta
11th May (Sunday) 05:19 to 27:05+ Hasta
15th May (Thursday) 18:05 to 24:56+ Anuradha
17th May (Saturday) 13:23 to 21:28 Mula
18th May (Sunday) 19:34 to 29:05+ Uttara Ashadha
19th May (Monday) 05:05 to 17:43 Uttara Ashadha
23rd May (Friday) 21:37 to 28:57+ Uttara Bhadrapada
24th May (Saturday) 04:57 to 28:56+ Uttara Bhadrapada, Revati
29th May (Thursday) 08:01 to 28:50+ Rohini, Mrigashirsha
04th June (Wednesday) 10:47 to 28:44+ Magha
06th June (Friday) 08:49 to 28:43+ Uttara Phalguni
07th June (Saturday) 04:43 to 12:21 Uttara Phalguni, Hasta
11th June (Wednesday) 11:56 to 28:40+ Anuradha
13th June (Friday) 13:49 to 28:39+ Mula
15th June (Sunday) 04:39 to 09:02 Uttara Ashadha
19th June (Thursday) 17:54 to 28:39+ Uttara Bhadrapada
20th June (Friday) 04:39 to 28:39+ Uttara Bhadrapada, Revati
21st June (Saturday) 04:39 to 11:15 Revati
01st July (Tuesday) 17:53 to 28:45+ Magha
02nd July (Wednesday) 04:45 to 13:22 Magha
03rd July (Thursday) 20:46 to 28:47+ Uttara Phalguni
04th July (Friday) 04:47 to 21:16 Uttara Phalguni, Hasta
06th July (Sunday) 21:55 to 28:50+ Swati
05th December (Friday) 24:34+ to 32:38+ Rohini
06th December (Saturday) 08:38 to 32:40+ Rohini, Mrigashirsha
07th December (Sunday) 08:40 to 18:57 Mrigashirsha
12th December (Friday) 10:53 to 20:53 Magha
14th December (Sunday) 09:24 to 32:49+ Uttara Phalguni
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