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The Xyz Jyotish website mostly guides all of us as we can use the awareness of Jyotish to see within ourselves, our consciousness, we can use this knowledge for healing our feelings as well. Jyotish is so meaningful and comprehensive, and it includes all conditions of our progress—our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual, as a part of Vedas. Seek astrological guidance, but don’t be entirely dependent on it. The fortune-teller has many limitations. No fortune teller has the final say in any matter. Plan logically, remembering the fortuneteller’s advice. Any remedies suggested by the fortune teller can be adopted as long as they are spiritually oriented and do not involve unnecessary expenditure. Such remedies are prayers, meditation, and chanting of Mantras. Other solutions which require enormous costs are not reliable and are mostly suggested by crafty fortunetellers. Accept your destiny as it is and do your duties cheerfully. Know that you cannot escape from your destiny. Only your Karma or actions and spiritual masters can help you.

The number of people consulting fortunetellers is increasing at a very high rate throughout the world. This practice has become more prominent than before among most peoples of the world.  Almost all the traditional TV programs / Newspapers are spreading astrology and numerology and its future predictions regularly.

Astrologer calculates, verify and prepare the horoscope. Then he reads it to his clients. Humankind’s desire with Astrology ranges from a casual glance at the TV programs and newspaper’s horoscope signs section to making important decisions in life such as marital, financial and even health on the advice of astrologers. It is a well-known fact that some heads of government have consulted astrologers to help make decisions that could influence the development of ancient times. Even though in earlier times there were many sages, Rishi’s have predicted the happenings from their spiritual powers. But all the astrologers of modern times do not recognize the reality. The highest of all the philosophies is the views of the Lord /Guru. All other thoughts are nothing from that viewpoint. Instead of computing and reading the horoscopes, read the Horoscope of your mind to find the highest joy of the joys. The one, who understands the Divine thought is called the noble truth-seeker.”

Even though astrology may be more than 4000 to 5000 years old,  nevertheless, according to Gurbani and science there is no effect of the position of the planets, the moon, and the sun either at the time of birth or at any time of life on any person’s future. According to Gurbani and science, it is a complete craziness to depend only on astrology for any purpose of life.

Our XYZ Jyotish Center website help observers and supporters, and viewers, how to more efficiently move towards their ambitions, to ascertain further inner and outer awareness.

It is our purpose to help you value your path, realize your karma, and have a better sense of happiness in your lifespan.
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Astrologer-Numerologist-Palmist Astrologer-Numerologist-Palmist Kanhaiyalal N Khanchandani

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