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Vedic Astrology has been founded upon the precept of ‘Reincarnation’. Reincarnation is dependent upon The Law of Karma. The Law of Karma can simply be stated as: “As you sow, so shall you reap.” or “For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction”.

One who knows but acts not is like the one who sows but reaps not. Man is rewarded according to his thoughts and motives. No one con gain health by wearing or keeping astrological items like pendent, lockets, rings, lucky stones, precious stones etc zodiac items, in most cases.

If we believe in ‘Fate’, we enter into an unending loop of the primary element of cause and the subsequent happenings. Just think ‘What is the cause of the creation of Fate?’ If the answer is ‘Karma’, this question is partially resolved. Every Action has an equal Reaction. This way, Karma or the action of a man is the cause of the creation of Fate. However, what is the cause of the first-ever Karma?

Karma always ways to settle its account no matter how many births or yugas or kalp…. it takes the same account the soul did before.

The karmic cycle can be easily explained as an overdue cause and effect mechanism, not necessarily immediately but over births and re-births. In scientific terms, we know that every action has a reaction, usually equal and opposite. In karmic terms, it is similar—except that the manifestations of your actions can be beneficial or harmful depending on intent and action. If intent and action are in the line of positivity, the karmic results will be only positive. If the intent is good, and action is hurtful, or the action is good but the intent was hurtful, the karmic effect will be equally misaligned. If both are negative, the effects will be harmful—in this life or the next is difficult to explain.

For the benefit of the astrological believers, I give here some of the few important and most reliable and infallible astrological remedies which could be followed with ease and even will have more impact on the well being of human lives.

REMEDIES AND PRECAUTIONS to have good health

1- If you work most of the time away from nature in the air-conditional room (for computerized work ), you will suffer diseases, So have some brisk walk in the morning (better not to talk while walking) to have good sun rays on your body in a good environment and do some work physically ( to maintain body activity ) or exercise regularly ),

2- Always talk less which is very essential for you and speak only which is essential, if you do not observe this principle and talk more you will lose your energy as well as it affects your health also, Remember health is Wealth,

3- If you can observe fast occasionally or frequently it is always good for health because our belly is a machine, the machine requires oil and rest.

4- do not worry at all, keep yourself busy. do always something useful, do your best and leave the rest to god.  pray a god or guru daily to whom you may have faith,

5- Take simple, light, nutritious food, Consume less salt and sugar. if possible take a light meal at night, so avoid eating too much food at night ( after sunset ), and eat to live,

6- you should have sound sleep at the proper time, avoid untimely and excessive sleep, sleep is nature’s tonic for a healthy life, without a sufficiency of sleep, you will have no efficiency,

7- the root cause of many diseases are worry, sorrow, obstinacy, hatred, greed, lust and anger,

8- Keep away from the false show, Avoid harmful use of alcohol. Don’t smoke. Avoid meat.

9- Reduce intake of harmful fats. To avoid Blood pressure or heart ailment avoid overexertion at the workplace, Check your blood pressure regularly.

10- Be active. Have at least 15 to 20 minutes walk in the morning or evening in a good environment,

11- Eat a healthy diet.  Maintain hygienic condition by keeping their environment clean, drink clean water and eat healthy food, consume fruit juices according to climatic conditions that suit you,

12- be considerate to poor or helpless people,

13- if you are having an eyesight problem-  go for a regular walk early in the morning in the garden, and keep long-distance (proper distance) while watching T.V or computers and avoid overstressing your eyes for a long time,

14- if you are a hyper-emotional or sensitive person- avoid straining your brain by overwork, be positive avoid anger and have morning and evening walk in the garden and avoid hurry in any work.

15- to avoid illness (of heart trouble in middle age and diabetes) take proper intake of fruit and fruit juices, and do not be jealous of others, and avoid too much hurry, also avoid overstraining of your nervous system due to overwork,

16- give some food or part of breakfast to domestic animals ( dog, cow ) and bird. keep a fresh water pot for birds and animals,

  • Feed cow and monkeys whenever possible for you.
  • render service to parents old aged needy persons poor students,

As astrologically the planets will be pleased by serving to parents and giving things in charity, will bring good luck,  fortune and peace of mind to the native, ( astrologically by serving father the sun planet will be pleased will bring good result to the native, and by serving the mother the native will get peace of mind, and if you help the poor needy people (labour class people) the planet Saturn will be pleased, etc,

So one should not break up a relationship with anyone pertaining to family or outside the family circle, so if you keep or maintain a good relationship with everyone on your planet concerning the relationship they rule will be pleased,

so if you follow the religious scripture of your religion of any country you may belong and you follow the right path by serving your parents elders and by following your Guru in which you should have firm faith and maintaining the good moral character and keeping away from bad habits,  non-vegetarian food and wine (lust), anger, greed, you will surely lead a good peaceful life with luck favouring you,

by following the above mentioned remedial measure, you will be profited by the result,

17- Meditation cannot come in a day or a month. you will have to struggle hard for a long time. be patient, if you meditate for some time daily, you will be able to face the battle of life with peace and spiritual strength. in meditation the mind becomes calm and steady, meditation kills all pain, suffering and sorrow. and all of your doubts will be gradually cleared through meditation. so meditation opens the door to intuitive knowledge.

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