Yantra is the Sanskrit word for a mystical diagram, especially diagrams or Amulet supposed to possess occult powers in astrological or magical benefits in the Tantric traditions of the Indian religions. Yantra means a “talisman,” or “instrument” or ” Amulet” which, if prepared and created by a skilled person as well as developed under his specific instructions for effective results, will help to gain the objector things of desire or ambition.

In the olden days, people used to draw a yantra at the pooja place, on the ground or a wooden board or metal piece, with rice flour or wheat flour or sindoor. This was very convenient, but while doing pooja, it can quickly get erased. A longer lasting method was to make a yantra by engraving the yantra on a copper or brass plate.

Yantra can be drawn on paper, wood, metal, or earth, or they can be three-dimensional. If drawn on paper the colours desirable are red, orange, yellow or a mixture of these. A Yantra without bija mantras is dead. They can be drawn to whatever size is required. In worship, they should be placed level on a stand or pitha.  The Yantras have to be purified and energized before using it. Yantras energized during the nights of Maha Shivratri, Holi and Diwali are more efficient and powerful. Generally, the related Mantras are also chanted in the presence of the Yantras for quick results. Otherwise, it becomes just an unusual form or picture to look at but has no real effect on time or circumstances within life.

By Yantra operation is something called “shape energy” or “form energy.” The idea is that every shape emits a very specific frequency and energy pattern. Certain ‘powers’ are ascribed to the various forms. Some have ‘evil’ or negative energies and some ‘good’ or positive energies, but in Yantra Yoga, only the beneficial and harmonious energies are used. Yantras are secret keys for establishing echo with the beneficial powers of the universe. Very often the Yantras can put us in contact with extremely elevated energies and entities, being of invaluable help on the spiritual path.

There are different types of Yantras for various purposes. Yantra is essential in every field of your life, to attain health, to acquire wealth, to ward off diseases and to progress in meditation. It is auspicious to see the Yantra daily in the morning, and one should lit incense/Dhoop or a lamp with ghee before the Yantra every morning. A Yantra always contains a Mantra associated with it. Just as the mind is a part of, yet different from the body, so is the Mantra from the Yantra. The Mantra is the mind consciousness while the Yantra is the form of the deity. Although the Yantra is primarily a meditation tool.

When one focuses on a Yantra, his mind is automatically “tuned in” by resonance into the specific form energy of that Yantra. The process of echo is then maintained and amplified. The Yantra acts only as a “tune in” mechanism or a doorway. The subtle energy does not come from the Yantra itself, but from the universe. It is considered in Vedic astrology by having a Yantra and keeping it in a sacred place in your house, looking it every day can fulfil your desires and help in attaining your goals. A yantra intensifies our prayers and turns our thoughts robust and potent. You can do similar worship with the deity of your choice or Istha devata if you believe in the worship of deity or Yantra.

Success and happiness are things that everyone looks for. Each of us may have individual ideas of what success is and follow different paths to happiness, but the primary desire is the same. For those who have faith and believe in worship the deity or Ishta Deva, to achieve worldly achievements or happiness.  Rishis, Yogis, and mystics down the ages created many devices to aid human beings in their aim for direct and ultimate happiness. Yantras are devices of this kind, which are made as support systems towards a particular purpose.

For example, a computer is an instrument of our minds, but still, if we are asked for some careful calculation, we reach for a calculator – a Yantra. It is not that the calculation is not possible in mind, but this purposeful form or Yantra allows us to use our body in a much better way. Even though you already have the body – the most sophisticated Yantra – with you, it is possible to perform different types of activities better with specific machines which may even help us to travel in the universe with the aid of human-made Yantras, without which it may not be possible physically move with the most sophisticated Yantra- human body.

Table – 1

*- Yantra For Business *- Yantra for Wealth * – Yantra for prosperty luck *- Yantra for Education
1.dhandha yantra 1.shri yantra 1. shri yantra 1.gayatri yantra
2.vyapar vardhi yantra 2.kuber yantra 2.ganesh yantra 2.shri yantra
3.subh labh yantra 3.maha laxmi yantra 3.meru yantra 3.sarswati yantra
4.sarv karya sidhi yantra 4.asth laxmi yantra 4.ramrakhshya yantra
4.sarv karya sidhi yantra 5. maha ganesh yantra 5.navgrha yantra
5. shri yantra 6. sarv karya sidhi yantra
6 Rojgaar yantra 7. vastu yantra
8. durga bias yantra
9.  Mangal yantra


Table – 2

*- Yantra for Health *- Yantra for Overcome Enemies *- Yantra for attraction *- Yantra for Nine Planets
1. . shri yantra 1. . shri yantra 1.sukra yantra 1.surya yantra
2. surya yantra 2.bagla mukhi yantra 2.vasikaran yantra 2.chandarma yantra
3. mangal yantra 3.maha kali yantra 3.shri yantra 3.mangal yantra
4. kalsarp yog yantra 4.hanuman yantra 4.budh yantra
5. maha mritunjya yantra 5.sukra yantra
6.sani yantra
7.guru yantra
8.rau yantra
9. ketu yantra


*- Yantra for child

1.santan gopal yantra


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