What does our Ascendant suggest? In a word, it is our distinctive personality. We need to know that we exist and that we matter. The  Ascendant become the starting point for giving predictions to the native as the strength of the Ascendant would for a long way determining the predictions to be given. For the full judgment of the horoscope, it is also necessary to see the Ascendant sign, its characteristics and nature, planets posted in Ascendant, Planets aspecting Ascendant. Much has been said about the Ascendant Lord and its placement in various houses, signs, inauspicious positions, the native would be happy and prosperous.  On the other hand, in the undesirable position, or in enemy sign, the native is expected to lead a miserable life. The other concept of Ascendant Lord is that if the Ascendant Lord is devoid of strength, the native is expected to be constantly over-come with calamities, be unhappy, and lead an unhealthy life.

Have you ever wondered whether there might be more to the Ascendant than a mere explanation of the Appearance of the native, face, head, hair, shape, lean or fat body,  limbs, beginning of the childhood? Ascendant tell about the prevailing conditions at the time of birth, the character of the native, health, constitution, longevity of the individual, dignity and power apart from diseases of the head and face.  Fame, Financial aspects, political life, Freedom from ill- health, Happiness, peace of mind, Self-respect, Ruling powers, Start and struggle in life, temperament, Disposition and Vitality,  Ascendant would give the mask or the manner in which we project ourselves into the world?

How often have you met a follower whose personality does not seem to match the traditional description of the Rising Sign? An Aries Ascendant who is not particularly adventurous or outgoing, a Taurus Ascendant who is not workaholic or of generous nature, Leo Ascendant client, who lacks bravery, generosity, or a Capricorn Ascendant person who is not hard work or ambitious?

If we are the same as everybody else, we lose our distinctiveness. If we feel unimportant among others around us, or nobody appreciates our unique strengths, our identity is endangered. Throughout our life period, the outer environment may help strengthen or threaten the formation of identity. If in early period we grow up in a hectic family where fighting between parents threaten the core of family stability, a lot of mental or emotional energy gets wasted on worrying about others, and hence little gets left to form our own identity. Even worse is when the child is actually the target of emotional, physical or sensual abuse.

If the parents are able to provide the child with a stable home where positive values are honoured, shown and reinforced, that frees everyone’s psychic energy to find what he or she likes, and pursue it. From this, we can expect that identity formation will be that much more advanced in children who grow up in a stable family environment.

The qualities of the Ascendant sign describe the future direction of the soul, what we are growing towards, and new qualities that we are developing. The sign on the Ascendant indicates how we can best express our personal gifts to extend beyond ourselves to make some contribution towards the greater whole. The house position of the lord of the Ascendant and Ascendant sign indicates where these gifts and qualities are best expressed.

But, it had been noted that there had been the remarkable achievement by the individual who follows the remedial measure with regard to significations of Ascendant. Also look at the nature of sign i.e. whether movable, fixed or dual, firry, watery, earthy or airy etc. would also help astrologer to make up his mind about the native. The most important house among twelve is the first house which we call Ascendant. No matter how much notable Yoga’s you have in your horoscope if Ascendant is weak or afflicted then rare notable Yoga’s will not give their best result in life.

Work is worship

No matter which sign you have in your Ascendant, have a fixed timing for your daily exercise.

The Sun is the Natural symbolic of Ascendant so bringing the qualities of Sun will definitely make Ascendant stronger. Follow the self-control, Respect elders, service to father, exercise, recreation and meditation eliminate stress and gives you lots of balancing effect in your personality. Take care of your health. Self-control in food, sound sleep, Engage ourselves in regular fitness regime when you are fit, your vitality will be high, the old proverb ‘Health is wealth’ is playing the key role in everything.

Drink plenty of water every day, throughout the day. You should aim for at least 2 litres. If your Ascendant is the watery sign (4-8-12), then make sure you are taking every day plenty of clean water rather thinking the watery sign is afflicted so it’s better to offer water to desired people.

When your Ascendant is the fiery sign (1-5-9), if you are visiting a temple and performing some rituals at home everyday time to time, few minutes of prayers and meditation daily is must for these people, go a long way in building up reserves of peace and happiness within.

When your Ascendant is an Earthy sign (2-6-10), make sure you are having regular voyages to religious places. As affliction to Earthy sign gives more addiction and money-oriented approach in life, there should be the regular pilgrimage. Finding a true spiritual master or Guru should be their goal in life.

If your Ascendant is an Airy sign (3-7-11), Heaviness always starts with your thoughts. So be aware of your thoughts and how you feel, that’s the only way to stop stress before it gets out of control, make sure you are reciting/chanting every day few Vedic mantras somewhat feeding birds regularly.

Your Ascendant is the one which talks about your vitality and gives the strength to fight back in all odd circumstances of life. So having your body and mind in sync is something very much necessary to boost vitality, confidence and ultimately boosting your Ascendant by the remedial measures suggested.

This is nothing but the aura of your First house. Here are simple keywords as to how people will perceive you, depending on what Zodiac sign you have in the 1st House:

Aries- Adventurous, caring, impulsive.

Taurus – a workaholic, focused, loving nature.

Gemini –emotional, impatient, communicative.

Cancer –too sensitive, motivated, warm-hearted.

Leo –generous, anxious, bravery, willful,

Virgo –intellectual, perfectionist, amusing,

Libra-well behaved, moralist, honest,

Scorpio- a fixed and determined, secretive, kind.

Sagittarius-an independent spirit, faithful, distant

Capricorn –ambitious, hard worker,

Aquarius-thoughtful, political, passionate,

Pisces –sensitive, reliable, a loving soul.

“Man knows thyself: then thou shalt know the Universe and God.”- Pythagoras, Read more on Know Thyself

Faith in higher reality is a great source of strength. A man is what his faith is. As the faith so will be our desires, thoughts and actions. Harmonize the head and the heart and hands to be happy. Be an integrated personality. Disintegration causes stress. Integration gives tremendous satisfaction.

The Ascendant is not the ego, it is that truthful, beautiful Self you spend your entire life trying to access and express. It is that one and the only gift to the universe that is “you“. There is nothing which is more purifying than knowledge. Clarity in thinking about the roles and the reality is essential. Understand that the roles we are playing are temporary and relative. The reality in me is the truth, is absolute.

If you are now confident; though Ascendant, its lord or planet Sun talks all about confidence level, still without much bothering about Astrological pros and cons one can just work on his/her skills. If you are not good in school doesn’t matter, or you are not having any qualified degree or you are not withdrawing a good salary that cannot drain your confidence level.

The traits of the Ascendant sign give us our true identity in this lifetime. It is from the Ascendant that we come to know the most important qualities of any individual and their main orientations in life. Even if you are a labourer, improve up your expertise to the ideal level. When you are good at your work, when you know well what you are doing, then you get a natural motivation.

‘God Helps Those Who Help Themselves’.