Occult powers


occult power

“Don’t be satisfied with stories, how things have gone with others. Unfold your myth.”

“The Vedas speak of seven planes where the mind can dwell. When the mind is immersed in worldliness, it resides in the three lower planes… The fourth plane of the mind is at heart. When the mind dwells there, one has the first glimpse of spiritual consciousness. One sees the light all around. Such a man, perceiving the divine light, becomes speechless with wonder and says: “Ah! What is this? What is this” His mind does not go down to the objects of the world? The fifth plane of the mind is at the throat. When the mind reaches this, the aspirant becomes free from all ignorance and illusion… The sixth plane is on the forehead. When the mind dwells there, the applicant sees the form of God day and night. But even then a little trace of ego remains. At the top of the head is the seventh plane. When the mind rises there, one goes into samadhi. (Paraphrased: Then there is the direct perception of Brahman.)… The body does not remain alive after the attainment of samadhi… After the well is dug one throws away the spade and basket. But some keep them to help their neighbour’s. The great souls who retain their bodies after samadhi feel compassion for the suffering of others. They are not so selfish as to be satisfied with their illumination.”- Sri Ramakrishna

The occult is “knowledge of the hidden.” In common English usage, occult refers to “knowledge of the mystic, as opposed to “knowledge of the measurement, usually referred to as science. The term is sometimes taken to mean knowledge that “is meant only for certain people” or that “must be kept hidden,” but for most practising occultists it is simply the study of a deeper spiritual reality that extends beyond pure reason and the physical sciences. Occultism is the study of occult practices, including (but not limited to) magic, alchemy, extra-sensory perceptions, astrology, spiritualism, and divination.

Even today, occultism is widely practised, in many parts of the world and many villages in India. Many people of deluded intellect practice some Spirituality for the sole purpose of gaining magic or occult powers – evil magic, black magic, etc.

To earn wealth, acquire property, bring the downfall of others, impose misery on innocent people, kill living beings, destroy which is honest and holy, promise children to women, walk on water, flying objects in the air, predicts future events.

To bewitch to whom we love, gain objects of desire, cure disease, and other minor exhibitions of selfishness and delusion.

All miracles are magic, the outcome of senses confined to time and space. Many false among the so-called  Pundits, saints, priest, astrologers, Sadhu’s, Yogis, Swamis, or Siddhas consciously display such powers for insignificant things like impressing upon innocent people for making new disciples and followers.

Amassing money, gaining fame and honour, securing physical welfare and comforts of life, gaining recognition, seeking people’s appreciation and attention, etc.

However, the deliberate pursuit of psychic powers is not favoured by the priest, yogis, sages and advanced sincere seekers. They discourage such practices believing them an obstacle to the realizing oneness of being.

The force of his Self-realisation is far stronger than the use of all other occult powers.

Though mystical powers are said to be many and different, knowledge (of self-realization) alone is the highest of those many different occult powers, because those who have attained other mysterious powers will desire knowledge. Those who have attained knowledge will not desire other mystical powers. Therefore aspire only to knowledge.

Although the powers appear to be wonderful to those who do not possess them, yet they are only transient. All these wonders are contained in the one changeless Self.

Greedily begging for worthless occult powers from God, who will readily give Himself, who is everything, is like asking for affordable stale gruel from a generous nature philanthropist who will willingly give everything.

In the Heart, which catches fire with the blazing flame of supreme devotion, all the occult powers will gather together. However, with a heart that has become a complete prey to the feet of the Lord; the devotee will not have any desire for those occult powers. Know that if aspirants who are making efforts on the path to liberation set their heart upon mystical powers, their dense bondage will be strengthened more and more, and hence the lustre of their ego will wax more and more.

The attainment (Siddhi) of Self, which is the perfect whole, the radiance of liberation, alone is the achievement of real knowledge, whereas the other kinds of occult powers, beginning with the ability to become as small as an atom belongs to the delusion of the power of imagination of the foolish mind.

People see many things which are far more miraculous than the so-called occult powers, yet do not wonder at them just because they occur every day. When a man is born, he is no bigger than this electric bulb, but then he grows up and becomes a giant wrestler, or a world-famed artist, orator, politician or sage. People do not view this as a miracle, but they are wonderstruck if a corpse is made to speak.

You all know of the great spiritual Master, Sri Ramakrishna. His dearest disciple was Swami Vivekananda. Once the great Master said to his dearest disciple, “Naren, I have all kinds of occult powers. I want to give you some of my magical powers.” Immediately the pupil said to his Master, “Please tell me, will these occult powers help me in my God Realisation?” The Master said, “Oh no. Magical power has nothing to do with God Realisation, but if you want to do some work here on earth, at that time magical power can be of some use.” Then Vivekananda said, “No, I want to realize God first-first things first.”

So in the spiritual life, a real spiritual seeker will not cry for this kind of occult power. He will only cry for God-Realisation, and if God wants that particular person to work for Him, naturally God will give him spiritual power, inner power, to manifest Him on earth.

If one wants God, if one wants the mystical Truth, then one must enter into the realm of Yoga. Yoga means ‘union with God’. Once we become consciously inseparable with our divine consciousness, infinite consciousness, then we can see, feel and grow into our highest Reality, and the manifestation of this Reality is our birthright.

From the strict spiritual point of view, developing occult powers is not necessary. God is the only Reality we need. It is up to Him to give us any power, be it physical, mental or psychic power. If it is His Will, He will grant us power when we are destined to do something for Him in His Way. Let us pray to God to give us Light. Otherwise, any powers we get on the occult plane may create problems for us. If we pray and meditate only for Light, then when Light descends it will illumine our consciousness.

“Krishna said to Arjuna, ‘Friend if you want to realize Me, you will not succeed if you have even one of the eight occult powers.’ This is the truth. Magical power is sure to beget pride, and pride makes one forget God. An egotistic person cannot realize God. Do you know what egotism is like? It is like a high mound, where rain-water cannot collect: the water runs off. Water collects in a little land. There seeds sprout and grow into trees. Then the trees bear fruit. “Therefore I say, ‘Never think that you alone have the real understanding and that others are fools.’ One must love all. No one is a stranger. It is God alone who dwells in all beings. Nothing exists without Him.”

“Once upon a time a sadhu acquired great occult powers. He was vain about them. One day the Lord, disguised as a holy man, came to him and said, ‘Revered sir, I have heard that you have great occult powers.’ The sadhu received the Lord cordially and offered him a seat. Just then an elephant passed by. The Lord, in the disguise of the holy man, said to the sadhu, ‘Revered sir, can you kill this elephant if you like?’

The sadhu said, ‘Yes, it is possible.’ So saying, he took a pinch of dust, muttered some mantras over it, and threw it at the elephant. The beast struggled awhile in pain and then dropped dead. The Lord said: ‘What power you have! You have killed the elephant!’ The sadhu laughed. Again the Lord spoke: ‘Now can you revive the elephant?’ ‘That too is possible,’ replied the sadhu. He threw another pinch of charmed dust at the beast. The elephant writhed about a little and came back to life.

Then the Lord said: ‘Wonderful is your power. But may I ask you one thing? You have killed the elephant, and you have revived it. But what has that done for you? Has it enabled you to realize God?’ Saying this the Lord vanished. “Subtle are the ways of Dharma. One cannot understand God if one has even the least trace of desire.

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