Conscious Living

“What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us.” ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

When the birth chart shows harmony / disharmony of planetary forces which give rise to birth in pleasant / unpleasant conditions in the lives of every man. The harmony / disharmony in person may be due to particular likes/ dislikes of one’s psyche… all of which find their roots in previous lives. That is to say, each is born when the nine planets are in such a placement in the 12 zodiac signs that correspond to the karma created within the past lives have an impact on our lives in this present life and our future also, that we have to be experienced in this life through the action of the nine planets. Even though we have free will over our action, but the fruits of our actions are not within our control. We cannot make an unusual, any choice other than what we are destined to go. What we reap today is what we have sown either in the present or the past. Remember that real or so-called evil patterns are not the result of chance or luck, but are the product of our past acts — the horoscope shows what we have made by our past living and therefore what we are qualified to in the present life. What we lack in this life can be gained in the future by applying ourselves to the responsibility at hand.

Even when the correct path is known through the spiritual practices or meditation, there is always a tendency for the mind, “ego” and “outside influences” to want to lead the person away from their correct path. A person under the effect of conflicting forces in the horoscope will want to be what he/she is not, and will go where he/she should not go, will not be able to differentiate the inner voice of insight from the false voices inside and outside of themselves. Unless the mind, soul, ego and intellect function within us in perfect harmony, the tendency to fall off the path is inevitable, and finding one’s way back on it can take countless time of life.

Whether you practice yoga or not, it’s a good idea for all of us to put more emphasis on keeping fit, healthy body and healthy living (through whatever means you prefer). If anyone has any kinds of health problems his energy and focus are not there; then he may not be able to sit comfortably practicing yoga or exercise, he can’t concentrate or meditate or will be focusing on his pain and discomfort. Are we giving more emphasis on a healthy lifestyle? There are many tools and things that can be done and it is up to each to practice what works for them. What works for one may not work for another, there is a high need for every one of us to become more aware of the things we think and practice. Because of our actions and choices in previous lives we are born into certain conditions in the present life, some are pleasant, some are difficult, and some are the worst kind of conditions for anyone to have to endure. We have to follow our real purpose under any circumstance and make the best of what we have…

Spiritual practices are designed to enable the seeker’s mind, soul, ego, and intellect function within us in perfect harmony, and attain the Higher Consciousness, the blissful meditative state of Divine Union. For example, the devotional singing and listening to God’s glory, are recommended because they enable the mind without much effort to become enchanted by the Divine auspicious qualities. Similarly, spiritual inquiry helps gain Self-knowledge, recitation helps quieten the noisy mind, Company of the Holy persons helps bring about the inner transformation; awareness contributes to distinguish between the right and wrong, meditation is the ability of daily balanced intuitive self-analysis, and so on.

Witnessing Consciousness is an essential spiritual practice to assist the mind rid of its bondage, impurity or ego. Simply put, it is uninterested observing everything as a totally detached observer. It is able to remain “unaffected and untouched” in any situation, not to “get infatuated by anything,” to be in “continuous remembrance of the Lord.” It is in the world like the lotus flower that remains untouched in the water or the duck that swims in the water without becoming wet or the bird that flies in the sky without leaving any footprints behind or an actor who reads his part without attachment. In a nutshell, witnessing is to remain “untouched and unperturbed within, under all circumstances.” The Gurbani repeatedly emphasizes remaining unaffected within, under all happenings. That is the eternal state of witnessing — living a fully Conscious Life, the state of consciousness or no-mind.

Gurbani clearly explains that God is in every living being we are a part of God. We should see God in everybody. The human life is meant for linking with one’s godly status within – his Source. The Gurbani acts as the Lighthouse and guides us to realize this ultimate goal of life.

Astrology is the “Eye of the Vedas” because it is an important means by which one can know their purpose, without relying on luck, choice, personal perception, social conditioning and all the other things a person deprived of prophetic awareness relies on to get through life. This reference to Prophecy in ancient scripts is overlooked by even the most sincere devotees and followers.  Mostly having knowledge of astrology is not enough until we take the concern to apply it.

“The key to success is to focus our conscious mind on things we desire not things we fear.”

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