Ramshalakha Prashnavali Offers Instant Solutions to your Daily Problems. Also Known As The Tulsidas Prashnawali. Predictions you get through the image of om gives you  Excellent Advice

As astrology is also considered as combination of belief, system and tradition, which is considered to provide information about our lives. So for the readers who want to know about the result of their actions they are going to take but they are not sure about the consequence of the their actions, they must have to keep their true faith and belief in an answer to their query which they will get in the form of chaupai from Ramshalakha of Ram Charit Manas authored by the saint Tulsidas.

Ramshalakha prashnavali will get you the answer/ prediction to your question for which you are not able to take any decision in your mind. They pray to the isht dev /god (Lord Rama) / guru in which you must have faith and belief, then click the image of “OM” given below, only once in time of difficulty (clicking more than once shows lack of faith in isht dev /Guru / God). Then read the answer/ prediction in the form of chopais written in old ancient Indian mythology.

Remember god helps those who help themselves. You cannot depend solely on divine help, but must work yourself to get what you want. God only helps those people who work hard and make an honest effort. The true goal of human life is happiness, peace, fulfilment, well-being, enlightenment. So, the best place to apply the principle “God helps those who help themselves” may be in the emotional/spiritual aspect of life. There we find the most direct and powerful impact on personal happiness and well-being. And there can be no doubt that God is more interested in spiritual wealth than material wealth.


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