“Numerology projections will fascinate you for your entire life.”

Now a day’s many people believe numerology as the science of numbers as any other occult science, and also think that their life is also influenced by the numbers,

In my experience of the past 37 years, I have found that every number is lucky. Even though every number has positive and negative features /potentials. One just needs to mold his route in the direction destiny wants him to move. There is no number in numerology which predicts only negatively.  So numerology guides not only how to achieve the aims, but also the methods to get out of difficulties.

No two human beings (or their fortune) are alike, though they may have the same birth number, or even zodiac sign, the occult science of numbers works ‘s hard to explain, as we all are controlled by the balance of our previous karma’s right or bad we have done in past lives, .

The readers are requested not to be confused by the variety of methods employed by the numerologists, various methods have been given,  you must connect with the right person or guide who can suggest you the right solution. Since the matter is very delicate and it can affect your entire life, you must be careful before choosing the numerologist. Numerology calculation is not something very easy; it demands lots of concentration, study, and devotion. The perfect calculation of mathematics is required here; a little mistake can bring entirely different prediction which ultimately leads your life to some different direction. Some of the points which are considered by various authors for the birth date numbers have been given here for the sake of believers who believe in numerology but they should rely only on their efforts rather than this indication which is assumed by many of the authors of occult sciences, as One’s karma done in past life (even in this life period )is the cause of grief or happiness. Not due to the positive or negative qualities of their birth numbers,

So happiness or sorrow comes to you as the result of your karma. So you should not avoid karma’s or efforts to be made for the achievement of their objectives,


The basic characteristics are ambitions, determination, individuality, confidence & authority. People are hard working, outspoken, kind hearted, self sacrificing, brave, they are justice loving, self confident, they have lots of energy in them; they overcome all the hurdles and impediments, and should avoid fear and you are also advised not to take risks on financial matters, as at times you spend more than necessary due to a false sense of show.


The basic characteristics are imagination, emotions, impatience & introvertedness. People have good manners and sweet speech, noble, thinkers, they are emotional in nature, they have very little self confidence, deep thinkers, and their minds will always busy thinking, worrying about something or the other, so they may act in accordance with other directions, they should maintain good mental balance and whatever work you start, try to finish it, Avoid confusion of any kind, and do not brood too much or remain in a condition surcharged with emotions.


The basic characteristics are dignity, prestige, honor, philosophy, ambition & egotism. People are intellectuals, religious, and hard working, people are very reliable, there will be sympathy and warmth in their talk, they are also stubborn and possessive in nature, they are very active and will have creative mentality, they have good memory powers, those who are ambitious they cope well with the duties and responsibilities they should avoid pessimism, laziness and extravagance, jealousy is your bitter enemy avoid it.


The basic characteristics are revolution, endurance, obstinacy & enthusiasm. Persons are mentally strong, impatient, they are very studious, very highly intelligent, and are very good at calculations, they will have the argumentative type of mentality, honest, pushing and practical, they have a sharp critical faculty, they should avoid fault finding, dullness and advised not to remain too isolated and lonely to avoid depression but they must choose their friends carefully otherwise they could find themselves burdened with scheming friends.

No- 5-

The basic characteristics’ are business, changeable, shrewdness. persons are intellectual, argumentative, literal, writers, they are very diplomatic and will try to avoid quarrels through their diplomatic speech, they are wise, perceptive and intelligent beings, they are shrewd in conversations, change is the key note for these peoples in every sphere of their way of living, they are of dynamic energy, they are quick in thought and action, and they usually try luck in speculation, , but they should avoid changeability, indecision, quickness to the point of thoughtlessness, and irresponsibility, and do not remain in sad and morose surroundings nor should you do any act which should bring about great strain on your brain.


The basic characteristics are friendship, sympathy, art, nervousness & short-temperedness. Persons are smiling, social, clever, outspoken and they are soft, tender and have a wonderful voice, they like order and system, they want harmony and peace, they are also reliable and trustworthy, they will appreciate good things in life, he loves his family, strong willed, their love is lasting, but they should avoid excessive indulgence in pleasure, carelessness, and instability in the affairs of the heart.


The basic characteristics are sobering, tolerance, research, peace & methodical. Peoples are writers, editors, tolerance, soft spoken and simplicity as their special qualities, they will be quiet by nature, they will possess a good knowledge of things, these people are careful, cautious and very slow in nature, they are not talkative, generous and inclined to charity and benevolence, they have the power of intuition, but they should avoid their tendency for drinking or taking drugs in one form or the other, do not undertake any work that is beyond your capacity.


The basic characteristics are professional, method, nervousness & fatigue. They are introvert, they are very systematic in nature, because they have limitations in everything like eating, dressing, habits, etc., they are of a serious nature, selflessness, there is no show off, they will be religious, emotional, executive ability, sound judgment, leadership qualities and but should avoid miserliness, scheming, impatience, and carelessness, and do not be sad for your future.


The basic characteristics are enthusiasm, activity, hot temper & impatience. They are dominating in nature, they are brave, they stick to their decisions, but their thoughts are changeable, they can face any situation in life, they have endurance, power, they easily adjust to any conditions, whether surrounding climate, he is generous, philanthropic, and endowed with daring and courage, but they should avoid being selfish, emotional, they may also suffer from their over daring temperament, hurry is the greatest weakness of your character.

According to some traditions in various parts of the world many of them who have much faith in their lives believe that the persons of particular birth number should pray (or can do puja ) to the particular god of that birth number on a particular day to a particular place, so we should not wander here and there (exhaust our energies) when we feel worried about something (or our future), without wasting time and our energies we should follow the teachings taught by the guru and the right path shown by the guru, we should feel Guru’s God’s presence everywhere and involve him in all your activities. As whole universe including our all zodiac planets and earth is created by the one and only one supreme power, God,

But if anyone who have complete faith in a particular god or goddess of a particular planet, he daily prays to that god goddess he may also get peace of mind or success in his objectives as the creator of the whole universe and of all the navagrahas is only one God or the supreme power (omnipresent),

No one gets success who believes in his fate and sits idle thinking that if he goes to an astrologer (Pandit) and obtain some gemstones or lockets, and perform some poojas in the temple and then he will succeed (in his undertaking / business) and takes easy way to get things done can never come up in life as they fail to understand that success come only after a lot of preparation, patience and the right path.

We all are controlled by the balance of our previous karma’s good or bad we have done in previous lives.