Twelve astrological houses

Twelve astrological houses.

The birth chart is divided into twelve astrological houses, and each of these house represents an area of life, but more and more people have most common questions to ask, about their health, illnesses,  wealth, happiness and spiritual life.

The significations with the houses have been given in many ancient books. But do not take any of the interpretations given to them as being fixed and unalterable. Keeping this feeling in the mind it will be useful to know what each house represents.

The First House or Lagna

The first house represents physical Body, Dignity, Honor, Strength, good or ill-health, the early part of life, the personal development of the child and the character as a whole.

The Second House

It is known as the family of one’s parents and is to be seen for Wealth, Speech, Family, Face, the food one eats, the money one gets and also death.

The Third House

This house is to be seen for brothers and sisters, short journeys, letters and quick writing Communications, Courage, Hobbies, neighbourhood, Ear (Right Ear), Neck, Throat, Longevity, sports, artistic talents, and business activities also.

The Fourth House

Mother, Lands, and houses, Vehicle, Parliament, Comforts, Chest, Heart, Lungs, conveyances, happiness, are the traditional subject to be seen from the fourth house.

The Fifth House

It is the house of education, learning, intelligence, children and the power of discrimination, Devotion to Gods, Speculation, Liver, Love, karmas of past life.

The Sixth House

Diseases, opposition, Enemies, Accidents, Loans, Debts, Maternal Uncle, Pets, Servants, Intestine injuries are the negative factors associated with this house. On the positive side, accumulation of wealth, sports, adventures and father’s profession is also seen from the sixth house.

The Seventh House

Spouse, Marriage, Partnerships, lover, sex life, business, and business partnership, foreign countries, and even settlement abroad and death are seen from this house.

The Eighth House

Legacies, inheritance, sudden financial gains, Longevity, Death, the cause of mortality, Obstacle, Disgrace, Nature of Death, Sudden Unexpected Gains,  Loss of Limb, long illnesses, sexual and conjugal life.

The Ninth House

The father, spiritual tendencies, devotion, pilgrimages, Preceptor or Guru, Religious Learning, Karmas of the present birth, Long Journeys, Hips, Thighs associated with legal and religious personalities are the common factors seen from this house.

The Tenth House

One’s profession, Source of Livelihood, Honor of King, Fame, Knee, Joints. Honour’s, respect, dignity and one’s achievements are seen from this house.

The Eleventh House

Gains of all nature, titles, honours, elder brothers and sisters, Income, Legs, Left Ear, Recovery from a disease. Business profits are to be seen.

The Twelfth House

Expenditure, Loss of Wealth, Bedroom, Imprisonment, Renunciation, Foreign Land, Secret Enemies, Sleep disorders, Hospitalization, Feet, Left Eye, waste, etc. are factors seen from this house. Foreign journeys, getting settled in a foreign country, trade with a foreign country are also seen from this house.

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