“Meditation on God is the medicine to cure millions of illnesses. My Tantra and Mantra is to meditate on God. Illnesses and pains are dispelled by meditating on Him. The fruits of the mind’s desires are fulfilled. He is the Cause of causes, the All-powerful Merciful Lord. Contemplating on Him is the greatest of all treasures.”- (Guru Granth sahib Ji.)

“Meditation is not a goal or achievement. Meditation has no seeking or desire. In meditation we become aware of our desires and goals. If someone is seeking any goal through meditation, then it is another game of mind and not worth pursuing it.”

According to the Sikh lifestyle instructed by Sikh Gurus, one should control and get rid of five vices. The Vices are Anger, Greed, Lust, Emotional Attachment, and Ego. According to Sikhism, our soul is a part of God, it has been separated from God and the purpose of our life is to become one with God just like a drop of water mingles with the ocean. However, we are unclean and in order to become one with God, we have to clean ourselves to become like God.

In meditation you undergo a process not of self-analysis but self-perception. Meditation by itself does not help entirely, because though by meditation you clean your body, your mind and your consciousness, your karmas will still accumulate as impressions. Your emotional personality and thinking will again become misguided. It is something like cleaning the room, and then putting the dirt back again. You are trying to clear your personality of trash, immoralities, errors and tensions but simultaneously karmas are accumulating. On one side you are clearing mistakes and from the other side pressures are coming in and again you are in the same state. It is for this reason that the disciples who practice meditation must also practice Dharma (Anything that helps human beings to reach god is Dharma and anything that hinders human being from reaching god is Dharma). Through karma yoga you stop the effects of samskaras, karmas going into the deepest core of your personality. There is an art to do this-the art is found in the Bhagavad-Gita.

There are hundreds and thousands of people throughout the world who are practicing meditation, but who are not happy because they look for everything in meditation only. It does help them, there is no doubt about that meditation is about the supreme importance of all remedial techniques. In fact, it is the most powerful method known for enlightening the superiority of life. Through the practice of meditation the karmic impressions which cause the person to feel restricted, instead of free and happy, are released more quickly and without incurring new karmas. As a result, the mind expands and is able to express more creativity, happiness and harmony. Life seems much calmer and realistic when you meditate regularly. Meditation is probably the single most important thing you can do in life to produce greater energy, happiness and spiritual awareness. But along with meditation, karma and Dharma should also be practiced.

The meditation is not restricted to any particular nation, caste or language. It is for all kinds of people of both sexes. The proper meaning of the meditation is control of mind. The constant flows of thoughts are controlled. What are the results obtained by this? The first result is mental peace, a calm mind, not agitated by evil or good, a mind free from anger, lust, greed, emotional attachment, and Ego. There are people who say that meditation is a way to self-realization, for coming together of individual awareness with the highest awareness, but in general this aim of meditation is also extraordinary. Meditation is for self-realization; but this, I think, very few people can explain, fewer can gain, and only the exceptional individual can practice.

Meditation may be the basic goal of life, but it is too early for us to think about it because we are not keeping healthy; our thoughts are low-spirited. The mind is impossible to control. But this doesn’t mean you can’t meditate. It simply means you have never learned how to understand or deal with the thoughts that come during meditation.

If you agree with me that meditation is a discipline of thoughts and an awareness of Spirit, and that it is a system through which we can root out the individual anxieties, the unseen disorders and the tensions that are all around us in the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies, then let us go ahead with the subject. You will agree that our behavior, our thinking, our actions and our reactions are guided by the ambition, that is to say, by awareness. This awareness is not pure; it works in association with the situation and other conditions, as a result of which tensions pile up in the different spheres of our personality of which we are unaware, and so we suffer from insomnia, restlessness, anxiety and worry.  These individual disorders, the sufferings and troubles which are obvious in our life, are guiding the destiny of the world. The restlessness throughout the world is an outcome of the disorder in the thoughts of many of us.

What is meditation? Simply put: it is an uninterrupted thought flow directed towards Higher Awareness or God without open expression through the senses. It helps us to be aware of the false ego-sense and related negativity and defilement in our minds.

Meditation is a practice in which an individual trains the mind or induces a mode of awareness, either to understand some benefit or as an end in itself. The mind which is always restless and constantly thinking of something or other, when controlled, a man can get some form of power.  Meditation is the concentration of the mind, when people are working on the important objects has to be always cautious. Their responsibility is much. When men worked at that time for hours or days also. During this time, his mind is on the particular object only, to see to the perfection of the object. There is no other thought during the Woking period. Sometimes he may forget his timely food. The term meditation refers to a broad variety of practices that includes techniques designed to promote relaxation, build internal energy or life force and develop attention, worship, generosity and understanding. A particularly ambitious form of meditation aims at effortlessly sustained single-pointed concentration meant to enable its practitioner to enjoy an eternal sense of well-being while engaging in any activity of life.

All these kinds of work are done for some earnings or present or salary, by whatever name. Whatever may be the name there is an expectation for the act done. Further a particular form of education, training and experience are all required for these. When the same concentration of the mind is applied and turned towards God, without expecting any fruits of action, the mind gets superpowers.

“Meditation is an insight that all goals are false. Meditation is an understanding that desires don’t lead anywhere. Seeing that… And this is not a belief that you can get from me or from Buddha or from Jesus. This is not knowledge; you will have to see it. You can see it right now!” – Osho,

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