God is Great

God is Great

“ God is Great.”

“Kindle the fire of faith and devotion in your heart.” You will discover on this very earth the kingdom of God. Full of happiness and peace.

The cosmos is a creation of the Divine. It is surcharged with energy. Though this energy is all-pervading, man is not able to recognize its Divine nature. Electrical power is present all the time. But its presence is known only when the fan or the bulb is switched on.

In the same way the sun, the moon gives light on earth in the day and light and other planets revolve in space around the sun by the force or power of the Almighty, or one can say, God, who manages the entire cosmos.

Be calm, lower your ever-rising thoughts, and become smooth. This can be done by deep breathing, watching the breath, yogic exercises, meditation, and performing actions with a sense of complete surrender without expecting any fruits and rewards, etc. Empty your thoughts. When the entire mind becomes thoughtless, and at the same time, extremely alert and aware, you are one with the whole creation of God.

Realize that there is only one entity, and that entity is omnipresent. This means always being present, everywhere at all times – in each cell and pore of your body, your body in all materials, in animals, plants, rocks, rivers, everything and everywhere and all gross things, including matter and energy, are manifestations of this one entity, and that entity which is labeled as God is in everyone, and everything will create pure, non-business, desire less love.

Watch your emotions. Emotions are nothing but sensations in some part of the body. Quietly observe these feelings, and the emotions will dissolve, and give way to pure love. Be a witness to your feelings and actions always, rather than becoming the actions and emotions. With this practice, you will be in pure joy or bliss in a short time whatever the external circumstances. God is nothing but pure love and joy.

Anyone who is enlightened can feel God. He lives in God. He sees God as a kind of light that penetrates the entire world. He considers God as an energy around him and within him. Spiritual enlightenment means to obtain a spiritual revelation or deep insight into the meaning and purpose of all things, to communicate with or to achieve a fundamentally changed level of existence whereby one’s self is experienced as a non-changing field of pure consciousness. So he feels inner happiness, inner peace, and inner strength.

Mysticism is the pursuit of communion with, identity with, or conscious awareness of ultimate reality, divinity, spiritual truth, or God through direct experience, intuition, instinct or insight. Prove God through the enlightenment. There are millions of witnesses in the world for the fact of understanding. Million people in all cultures and at all times have attained enlightenment. They have all had the same experience.

They only have described God in different words, “nature, the universe, All religions (Every religion is good and has come from God) have come from one source. There is no religion of God; but he has given us different paths according to various conditions of the people they love to control their mind, to monitor their senses, to find out the one, a common consciousness that is hidden in all these names and forms. (different names and forms of God for the different religion as Lord Krishna, Lord Jesus, Lord Buddha, Lord Mohammed, Lord Zoroaster, Confucius). Then only one will be able to march forward towards the Goal – God-realization.

“God is one, but he has many forms. He is the creator of all and He takes the human form.” – Guru Nanak

There is only one God, one Supreme Being, for all time, for all ages. If there are no differences in God, how can there be differences in the humanity, which is a spark of the divine light (God)? No differences of caste, creed, country and time exist in the understanding either. All apparent differences are the result of ignorance and egoism.


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