Personality from your Name Initials

Now a day’s many of people believe numerology as the science of numbers as any other occult science, and also believe that their life is also influenced by the numbers, Numerology is full of many different numbers that are important to you and your life. One of the most important numbers is your birth name alphabets given at the time of birth. This birth number alphabets can also reflect your nature. Chaldean system letter values are given here, Letter values are 

VALUES 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8

A-I-J-Q-Y =1, B-K-R =2, C-L-G-S =3, D-M-T =4, E-H-N-X =5, U-V-W =6, O-Z- =7, F-P =8  Match each letter of your birth name alphabets to the corresponding value,  The readers are requested not to be confused by the variety of methods employed by the numerologists, various methods have been given, some of the points which are considered by various authors for the birth date alphabets have been given here for sake of believers who believe in numerology but they should rely only on their efforts rather than these indications which is assumed by many of the authors of occult sciences, as One’s own karma done in a past life (even in this life period) is the cause of grief or happiness. Not due to the positive or negative qualities of their birth numbers,

Know your personality from your Name Initials

If your name begins with the alphabet ‘A’ they are practical minded, interested in actions, he is blessed with good qualities and thoughts, but they may tend to be hyper-emotional. This is more a constructive letter.

If your name begins with alphabet B, this is more an emotional letter and makes one to be a man of moods, have magnificent thoughts, which are in perfect harmony. Such persons do not argue. They are introverted and often remain immersed in their thoughts. They make very less friends and they trust everyone with great difficulty. This gives certain amount of shyness and lack confidence which sometimes prevents them from rising in life.

If your name begins with alphabet C, this letter is imaginative, you are a very social individual, and it is important for you to have relationships. The mind is generally working always, so this letter also deals with the restlessness nature, you are very changeable. They even go to extremes in ensuring that their desires are fulfilled. They lack flexibility.

If your name begins with alphabet D, This letter is of self- sufficiency, confidence, they are very sharp and talented with good sense of humor, are confident and having great self-control. This leads them to great success. They are creative and have the ability to convert their ideas into deeds. For achievement in sphere control your jealousy and anger.

If your name begins with alphabet E, this makes one to have manifold contacts, your greatest need is to talk, are outgoing and open. They never hesitate to speak the truth, even at the cost of annoying others. Their ideas are creative and they convert these ideas into magnificence through endeavor.

If your name begins with alphabet F, indicates more affection, they are firmly rooted to their home. This gives attachment to children and home. They are by stubborn nature, are idealistic and romantic. They are moral, honorable, and true and have an ardent desire to serve others. You can be generous lover.

If your name begins with alphabet G, indicates flexibility, you are active, your duty and responsibilities take precedence over everything else, you are honest, straight forward and dignified. They are magnetically charming. Even under strained circumstances and trails these people will be preserving harmony.

If your name begins with alphabet H, indicates calmness and level head. You are very affectionate, generous and strong, you are selfish and shrewd.  Self- reliance is also indicated. They have huge and extensive ambition and believe in the show. This letter has more divinity.

If your name begins with alphabet I, indicates more egoism though it gives self- reliance, you like luxury and pleasures of life, so you are sensual, but you are very hard working. They hate laziness. They have deep insight into things and their words are very profound.

If your name begins with alphabet J, this gives the faculty to analyses the pro and cons of an issue.    You are blessed with a great deal of physical energy, you are broad-minded and free. They are aware of what is happening around them and are extremely wise. They indulge only in worthwhile matters.

If your name begins with alphabet K, this letter can help one to develop intuitional facilities if cultivated. You are self-contained, secretive, you are destined to struggle in life. They also see many changes in their fortune. They are at one moment happy and prosperous and at the next moment they may face misery. They are cautious, careful moral and tolerant. They faces many problems.

If your name begins with alphabet L, indicates common sense, you are sensitive and philosophic. You can be very romantic, they have virtuous thoughts and great deeds. They are mature and refined. They remain immersed in their own life. This deals with straight forward nature.

If your name begins with alphabet M, stubborn nature and fixity are shown by this letter, you may appear innocent, unassuming, you have difficulty expressing emotions, they are refined and moral. Their simplicity often becomes a curse for them. They are true and outspoken. They come across many rise and falls in their lives. They always want to show that they are better than what other think about them.

If your name begins with alphabet N, indicates unsteady nature, you are very emotional and intense also very imaginative, you come across impediments, losses and struggles. But their strong personality ensures that they cope with these difficulties and win. They have great charm and are excellent friends.

If your name begins with alphabet O, indicates wholeness, this helps one to have secrecy and hide himself from outside intervention. You are passionate, compassionate lover, requiring same qualities from you partners. They see many rise and fall in their life but they never give up. This trait makes them rise above the common. They are often cheated. Their ambition leads them to greatness and makes them rich, though generally late in life. They are more conservative in outlook.

If your name begins with alphabet P, letter does not like to indicate its power, you are very conscious of social properties, you remain outwardly calm despite immense inner turmoil. They are noble and have an enormous ability to give joy. They have pure thoughts and deeds. They like to be in peaceful surrounding.

If your name begins with alphabet Q, the letter indicates level headedness and determined, you have tremendous physical energy, desire to live in a truthful manner. People with this alphabet as their initial have a definite aim in life and they remain firm for attaining their goal. They hate to rush things.

If your name begins with alphabet R, the letter indicates a good advisor. You are open, virtuous, powerful, stimulating, and romantic. They make friends easily. They appreciate true worth and virtue. They use these principles in a very pragmatic manner; as a result they get success in every field. They have affluence and prestige in society.

If your name begins with alphabet S, indicates certain amount of inconsistency of thoughts, you are very generous, kind, a good friend, you are creative and intelligent, but can use people to advance their own interest. They are linked personally with the masses and are very loyal. Sometimes their indecisiveness makes them lose in life.

If your name begins with alphabet T, indicate the higher mental side of your nature, you are very sensitive, private and sometimes very passive. They want success by just and wise means. They have too much confidence in their ability. They are independent and decisive; they stick to their decisions. Sharing with others and sincerity is also seen.

If your name begins with alphabet U, letter indicates changing attitude, you are very enthusiastic, you like excitement, as their initial are always ready with new ideas. They are pioneers of novel ideas. They seize every chance that comes their way. They always seek truth and also utter the truth.

If your name begins with alphabet V, indicates receptive nature, you are individualistic, you need freedom, excitement, you are profoundly honourable and expect respect from others. They have a superiority complex. They can absorb goodness and have an ability to rise in life.

If your name begins with alphabet W, they are very hard working, determined, and idealistic. You are very proud. They are prepared to take risks and are very adventurous. They are humble but very active. They do not hesitate to undertake the most difficult jobs. After trials and sorrows they come up in life.

If your name begins with alphabet X, they have moos of depressions, they need constant stimulation, they are peace loving, they admire art and music, such people succeed well in life. Slowly and steadily they reach success.

If your name begins with alphabet Y, they are of soft minded, like to live in solitude, you are sensual and very independent, and you are totally immersed in their own selves. They usually have an aim in life and pursue it as long as they live.

If your name begins with alphabet Z, indicates strong temperament, stubborn, and dangerous. They carry their revenge to dangerous extremes. They have much organizing capacity of welfare of others.

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