Profession from Name Initials

profession name initials


Nowadays everyone is career cautious but in a state of confusion. While studying one should know which profession is best for him/ her. In the present, there are various options available for a career, meant for different persons of different experiences. Besides this, it is much more important which sort of profession suits to the native. Financially directly depends on upon one’s career. One should opt for a suitable career for him/her from Profession from Name Initials.
Readers are requested not be confused by the professions suggested by the astrologers for the most appropriate job from the Rashi’s / moon signs; they can adopt career related to the education they have studied. Before relying on the professions given anywhere, you must consult with the right person or guide who can suggest you about the job suitable to you, as here business is advised considering your moon sign initial letters, also on moon sign.

If you do not know your moon sign you can rely upon one present name initials also, but they should build on their experiences and knowledge rather than the indications given anywhere, as all of this assumption are by nature which is assumed from moon sign only. Even then the no two human beings may have the same type of the professions every, they may have same names,

but they may have profession most probably on the moon signs of their chart or their names they are famous for, or the education and knowledge they have acquired during the life they have experienced.
Choosing a baby name is a very great concern, as the child will be carrying the name with him during the course of his lifetime. Most Hindu families choose to select a name based on Rashi’s of birth as it helps to improve the various aspect of the personality of the child. Even now some Hindu families prefer to engage an astrologer to select a suitable name for the child.
The Rashi is the sign in which Moon was placed at the time of your birth. Rashi is also called the Moon sign. As per Vedic Jyotish, the Moon sign is one of the most important points in selecting your baby name.
Below is the list of all Rashi Sign’s and suggested name letters for each Rashi.

Aries – A, L, E, I, O
Aries people prefer careers related to industrialists, engineering industry, iron factory, brick chamber, boiler plant, mining, surgeon, trade union leader, sportsperson, concerned solely with action and physical energy. They are also as businesspersons, leaders, and adventurers. Govt. job, Police, Military Service, Fire Service, pottery work, arms manufacturing, cooking, agriculture.

Taurus – B, V, U, W
Taurus people prefer careers related to Financial institutions or big corporations, five-star hotels, money lending, commission agent, as they are most decisive. Taurus’ stick to what they believe and have unusually clear thought processes. They are also good in the business of Beauty products, Luxury-goods, cosmetics, hairdressing, fashion designing, Jewellery business, cattle shed, agent, handicrafts, excellent articles, scented materials, flower merchants, fruit juice shop, drama, cinema, music, poet, story writer, singer.

Gemini – K, CHH, GH, Q, C
Gemini people prefer careers related to communication, travelling agents, information and full casting, journalist, ambassador, as they are very unyielding in their determination and are often considered as obstinate. They have great power of endurance, both physical and mental. Gemini people are also good in space dept., education dept. P & T, Telephone, book publishing, mathematics dept., accountants, auditors, law and order councillor.

Cancer – Da, Ha
Cancer people prefer careers related to Export and import, transport dept., shipping, grocery shop, medical shop. As they are subtle and brilliant, and they have tremendous mind power and are enthusiastic, imaginative and researching. Their minds keep changing according to the situations. They can become good psychologists. Cancerians are known for their caring, nurturing nature. Agriculture, milk booth, vegetable shop, pearl merchant, Restaurant Manager, distillery, mineral water selling,

Leo -M, ta
Leo people prefer careers related to Government Jobs, Politics, Administrator, Managing Directors, Engineering industry. They will have great administrative talents. They are able individuals who can cheerfully take up any job and complete it. Social Services, Charitable institutions.

Virgo – P, Tha
Virgo people prefer careers related to Accounting, Auditing, Brokers, Computers, Orators, as they are usual officials but socially they tend to be shy and lack confidence when expressing their feelings. They will achieve what ‘s hard to others. They will shine in professions of mass communication and will shine well in service-related jobs. They keep changing their plans. They want frequent changes in everything. They also excel in the profession of media. Business, Teacher, writer, retail shops, communications,

Libra – R, T
Libra people prefer careers related to Hotel business, dancing hall, bar and restaurant, cloth merchants, commission agents, money lending as they earn money by a business that affords pleasure to people. They will understand the finer secrets in the minds of others and act as accordingly. They will make people happy and make a living out of it. They also earn through Jewellery shop, fancy shop, handicrafts, perfume shop, bank, Life insurance, Justice and Law Dept. Beauty parlour, Music, Dance, Cinema.

Scorpion – N, Y
Scorpio people prefer careers related to manufacturing, raw materials, iron industries, engineering industry, mining, agriculture, instrument construction, Electricity Dept, Metal industry, precision development organization. They will never bow to the authority of others. Scorpios exhibit unbelievable self-control as such they are suitable for yoga, meditation, medicine, scriptural studies, priest, astrology, mantra, and tantra, occult practices.

Sagittarius – BH, F, DH
Sagittarius people prefer careers related to education dept., financial institutions, charitable institutions, banks, law dept., ordnance depot, military training dept., forest dept., sawmills, wood merchants. They are great persons who are very helpful to others. They are great counsellors, untiring workers, knowledgeable and good at extracting work from others. They will follow the sayings of elders and preceptor. Religions, lecturers, teaching, temple, social service.


Capricorn – KH, J
Capricorn people prefer careers related to Hotels, food products, manure and pesticide selling, oil merchant, mining, dealing with spare parts and old articles, hardware shop, leather business, building work, Granite stone and sand business, porters, coolies, drivers, shoe polishing, shoemakers. They are known for making smart and sound decisions. The Capricorn is the ideal industrialist or businessperson, letting no humanitarian concerns interferes with the important business of making money.

Aquarius – G, S, Sh
Aquarius people prefer careers related to Administration, psychology, philosophy, consultancy, research and development, as they are thinkers, have good reasoning ability and make natural heads of business organizations or any form of government work. They respect intellectual, talented people and are deep thinkers. They also are good in Religion, Teaching, Oil and Natural Gas Companies, sports, Air Service, Space Dept., Defence service, Fire Service, Jail Dept., Bomb manufacturing, tourist guide, central excise dept., butcher shop, CBI Dept.

Pisces -D, CH, Z, TH
Pisces people prefer careers related to financial institutions, education department, law department, bank, external affairs, navy, shipping, medicines. Pisces are emotional, sensitive, impressionable and weak. They are imaginative, poetic and even psychic. Flexible and diplomatic, they do not usually have to face arguments. This sign is the most creative. They are also engaged in Religious Institutions, temple worker, priest.


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