Can the planet and stars affect our lives

planets starts affect our life

“Many are worried about their future: can the planet and stars affect our lives? No. Astrology is the important part of Veda’s to know about the past, present, and future.” To ancient astrologers, spiritual masters the planets represented the will of the gods and their direct influence upon human affairs.

Stars and planets have their movement fixed as per science but in Sanskrit, we call them Graha, which means a point of energy or a cluster of energy. This energy is what affects you Planets and moons have the gravitational effect and other micro-effects. Everything around us has some impact on our lives.

Nine planets are in our solar system were named after the gods of Ancient mythologies. Our Sun is a star. Stars give us life.  Without a star, you wouldn’t be here. It enriches everything around including plants, trees, soil, water and even you. We are made of stardust.

There’s no denying it: the planets are a significant part of Vedic Astrology. According to Vedic Astrology, each planet carries a different energy, and the locations of these planets throughout the cosmos can influence what happens in and around us here on Earth.

Vedic astrology is the magnificent appliance to understand our past karma. Everybody by birth is born with certain karma and his/her life depends upon this karmic cycle. Astrology is like taking map while your journey, it will help you to find the right direction quickly. If you move in a particular direction without availing the resources/avoiding the passageway i.e. destiny, then you will achieve something based on your present Karma. Destiny is the roadmap available to you based on your past Karma.

I mean Destiny is predetermined based on your past Karma (e.g. you will be born into a rich family or poor family, in particular area of world,) and Free will be the path to act as per your present Karma.

We can say Vedic astrology is a language for the spiritual masters to read our past karmas.

“It is not in the stars to hold our destiny but in ourselves.” -William Shakespeare

Planets are merely executors of God’s justice towards you.

Planets in good houses and signs indicate your good karmas, and if

Planets in bad houses and enemy sign indicate your bad karmas.

Planets don’t control your life. Rather, your karma, bad and good, controls your planets.

Planets, the planets revolve around, or orbit, the sun, simply bestow the fruits of your karma for you.

A human deeds/nature results in his/her own karmas. Positive thoughts make you happy and probably successful (good luck). Negative thoughts make you unhappy (bad luck).

Yes, no one will deny that thought is powerful and must admit it is the most powerful energy available to man. For this reason, it is easy to accept as true a statement that miracles can be accomplished by thought, that thought can change your life, bring you wealth, comfort, security, whatever you need and want. And it can if you know how to think. In order to employ the power of thought, it is necessary to start from the beginning have guidance from spiritual masters to learn to use your mind and thoughts in a positive way.

The human mind has the power to influence planets. Planets are powerful energy just bestow the fruits of your karma.  Thus humans have the power to modify their influence at their mere will.

In Dasha or transit period of Planets benefic or malefic you may feel happiness or unhappiness, is due to your good karma or bad karmas of your own deeds of your earlier lifecycle.

Astrology is an important part of Vedas, Veda has called it eye through which man can gain knowledge of his worldly life and spiritual self through the position of planets in the zodiac signs. Jyotish Veda is very clear about his stand on laws of karma, Simply by praying to gods, confessing to priest on Sunday, donating a small part of your wrongly obtained money to poor doesn’t save you from the trouble you suppose to face. Either you have to let Nature (past karmas) punish you, or voluntarily yourself have to take up difficulties of similar weight (as atonement), to get rid of those sins. Donating money, watering a tree, or Mere wearing gemstones cannot interfere with our karma done in past or even in this present lives. You cannot have an easy method for a bigger wrongdoing.

So basically the position of planets, houses, and signs gives you potential, capabilities, opportunities, and favor by your past karmas. But eventually your karma, thoughts, wishes and deeds-whether good, bad or mixed, return to us, you have to put in your efforts. An individual leads his life on earth by reaping the outcome of his past Karma and present Karma. We are responsible for what we are, and whatever we wish ourselves to be, we have the power to make ourselves.

Today’s astrologers cannot be compared with the ancient day’s astrologers, spiritual masters who didn’t need a telescope or satellite to see the world as it is. Interpretation of one’s horoscope depends on the astrologer’s skill; of course, it is not an easy task to master this divine skill.

Astrology is absolutely true but not most astrologers are true. The stars never lie, but the astrologers lie about the stars. And everyone should know that the Astrologers don’t know the exact future and they only provide predictions.

If some predictions go wrong it is solely due to the astrologer’s misinterpretation and not that astrology is defective. Check it out on the internet, from a trustworthy site and never from a false astrologer. It too has various strict laws governing the predictions and observations, often written thousands of years ago. It required the minute and intricate calculations, which is not anybody’s cup of tea. A slight mistake in the calculations, and everything will be wrong. Only a wise person can give the right observation.

It is well-known fact, that in a large number of persons, astrologers etc. they make this propaganda that they are having the full and sufficient knowledge of telling the truth about the past, present, and future, to the public. It is also the well-known fact many of them they make propaganda fill their belly and they do not have much knowledge that they claim, but they boast as if they have much knowledge of astrology, horoscope, etc.

I pray the persons to beware of these individuals. Otherwise, you will be fooled trapped in their hands. I advise you before going to such people make sure and inquire about them otherwise you may be trapped in the same boat.

I can’t tell you what you should or should not think, I can only recommend that you seek as much information as possible and make a thoughtful decision.

“Accept responsibility for your life. Know that it is you who will get you where you want to go, no one else.”

An astrologers, spiritual masters, ancient sages, who developed Jyotish possess deep insight, but they were also very practical. They sought to solve the problem of human suffering by providing tools such as yoga, mantra, prayers, meditation and Vedic astrology, which assist men and women in their quests for health, wealth, happiness, and spirituality. Spiritual masters, ancient sages,  is supposed to guide you on your spiritual journey by giving you suggestions depending on your level of understanding and your past karmas.

The prayers as suggested by the spiritual masters you make are your good thoughts not to pacify any planet, it is for your own mental well-being and to ward off any problem if there are any or to make you mentally strong enough to accept them. By making prayers and chanting mantras our body produces specific vibrations which help our mind to stabilize. It’s not just a random thought, it is science.

When we completely surrender our own will and keep up with thoughts, ideas, and deeds to the will and teachings of a higher power, spiritual masters (Guru), ancient sages, all your past karmas or evil effects of planets will mitigate, and you will acquire better health, happiness, and even wealth. Spiritual power can help you overcome any kind of mental, emotional and physical problems.

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