Easy way to boost your immune system against the Covid19

The Mind, in addition to medicine, has powers to turn the immune system around

Nowadays the Coronavirus (Covid19) is growing diseases in any age group, in addition to the contribution of health workers, it is also important for us to adopt certain protective and precautionary measures. COVID-19, a contagious respiratory disease and now is spreading worldwide at a faster rate might be prevented by adopting good hygiene practices.

However, now that the WHO has declared novel coronavirus as a global pandemic, everyone must take care, try to stay indoors as much as possible, and keep taking necessary precautionary measures. 

Practising precautions not only protects you but also your family and the nearby community. And, minimize the risk of contracting the virus. With a little common sense and the proper precautions, you can avoid infectious diseases and avoid spreading them.

“You can’t afford to get sick, and you can’t depend on the present health care system to keep you well. It’s up to you to protect and maintain your body’s innate capacity for health and healing by making the right choices in how you live. “

Infections are caused by microscopic organisms known as pathogens- bacteria, viruses, fungi, or parasites—that enter the body, multiply and interfere with normal functions. Infectious diseases are a leading cause of illness and death around the world.  A healthy Immune system is the first line of defence of the body as it protects the body from the attack of viruses, fungus or bacteria. A strong immune system helps to keep a person healthy.

Poor health is not caused by something you don’t have; it’s caused by disturbing something that you already have. Health is not something you need to get, it’s something you have already if you don’t disturb it.

Love and intimacy are at the roots of what makes us sick and what makes us well, what causes sadness and what brings happiness, what makes us suffer and what leads to healing…I am not aware of any other factor in medicine- not diet, not smoking, not exercise, not stress, not genetics, not drugs, not surgery- that has a greater impact on our quality of life, the incidence of illness and premature death from all causes.

Our health and well-being is something that we can almost control, to a certain extent. The most powerful effect to maintaining a good immune system is the power of positive thinking and not allowing yourself to be unnecessarily drained emotionally by worries and fears.

There is no longer any question about the importance of raw nuts, seeds, beans, legumes, whole grains, natural foods, fruits and vegetables in our diet.

 The better the quality and variety of fruits and vegetables consumed, the lower the occurrence of heart attacks, strokes, and all chronic diseases. However, limit fat consumption away from saturated fats to unsaturated fats, eliminate industrially-produced Trans fats, limit daily salt intake to less than 5 grams per day and limit intake of sugars and its products. A plant-based diet is the only remedy that can bring full recovery and can be used with any treatment. Remember, a plant-based diet is our best medicine and an essential key to all successful healing. Pay for a plant-based diet or pay to the hospital.

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A plant-based diet has a perfect solution to build a strong immune response. With the origin of Ayurveda starting from the Vedic culture, it has been helping for ages in treating certain illnesses. i.e. the traditional Hindu system of medicine that uses a combination of diet, herbal treatment, and yogic breathing to treat illnesses. Various experts stressed the use of medicinal herbs such as Giloy, Neem, Tulsi, Shilajeet which are considered to help improve the immune system by fighting against infections.

The four components to keeping your immune system healthy are good nutrition, exercise, breathing and meditation, which further helps stimulate the immune system and keep our health in good condition. A healthy balanced diet plays a vital role in keeping you healthy and active.

For a person with a strong immune system, it takes 2 weeks to get recovered from novel coronavirus, however, persons with a weak immune system or underlying conditions can take 3 to 4 weeks to get fully recovered.

Old people who have a weak immune system with growing age, or/ and have some underlying condition such as delicate lungs, bronchial tubes, diabetes, heart disease, or kidney failure are at higher risk, so they might take longer than usual to recover.

 “True prevention is not waiting for bad things to happen, it’s preventing things from happening in the first place.”

Also, you must have to take precautionary measures to prevent other types of infections /diseases to you are susceptible easily, because the lymphocytes or phagocytes in our blood are also killed during the fight against the infections or disease-causing bacteria or viruses. So, we have to keep healthy, wealthy and strong.

Easy way to know about your diseases you are susceptible to and take precaution about that disease, by our easily available and free APP on Google Play Store as Instant Health Prediction.

“Prevention is so much better than healing because it saves the labour of being sick. Intellectuals solve problems, geniuses prevent them.”

But this is a great starting place for navigating health care and disease prevention. Regarding the above article, it will help you to make wise decisions about controlling and preventing illnesses at home. Refer to our article on the Best way to attain health and cure disease.

As with all health matters, the more you pay attention to precautionary measures, the safer and healthier you will be.

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