“Happiness is not about collecting material things or beautiful memories. It’s about having a deep feeling of contentment and knowing that life is a blessing.”












Though one could be infinitely happy by just enjoying nature and family and all the human-made things, there are still millions of people who are unhappy. In the developed countries there is a very fortunate circumstance of having both God-given and man-made things. Still, a majority of people there are unhappy.


You would realize that the mere availability and abundance of God-given and human-made things are not enough. There is something else which should be right to be happy. Of course, it is our mind that must have the right attitude towards and capacity to be happy.

The mind has extraordinary powers and as far as happiness is concerned it has the ultimate power. We should, therefore, have a positive attitude towards life. We should not keep on thinking about past failures and bad experiences but be encouraged by our past success and good experiences. Similarly, we should not be unduly anxious about the future as our anxiety is not going to have a positive effect, but we should plan and work hard for the future.

In whatever circumstances you are, one’s mind is free. One is free to be happy in one’s mind! The mind is difficult to be mastered by oneself, but it is impossible to be vanquished by anybody, any authority, or whatever conditions or situations.

Everybody of us wants to be happy. We all want to be happy but we do not know how to go for it. But do not think too much of yourself.

Many of us even do not know whether they are happy or not. Sometimes we think we are happy and other time think that they are not. So though everyone wants to be happy, few know how to go about it.

The true path to happiness in life comes from not only knowing one’s self but seeing clearly all that is around us. We can perceive things as they are in relation to how we feel, how we think, and how we act. So do not expect, also do not hope too much for others,

When we stop managing ourselves, we can then be present. From this place comes reality, the pure and simple truth of what is. We allow ourselves to move forward as we should. We let go, and in this there is peace. There is the possibility of not only truth but enlightenment for ourselves and our journey through the world that exists within us and outside of ourselves.

Remember, you deserve a happy life and you can lead a happy life, but in the end, you reap what you sow, if you are sowing happiness in your life then you will reap happiness as well.

Those people are happy who by the grace of god live in the present and enjoy the work as their duty and work hard for achievement in life by their present efforts and also those who are not too anxious to know about their future.

Happy is he whose wants are few, fewer the wants, the happier the person. It is our more wants or desires that make us unhappy

Do not forget God and be happy.

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