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According to Veda’s (Astrology a part of Veda’s), Whatever we have in this present life is due to our karmas. As astrology is considered as combination of belief, system, and traditions which are found to give information about our life, but how it works according to the sage’s or the astrologers of the past centuries in all over the world, especially in India  is that each planet is literally the body and expression of a spiritual being or entity (Guide, deva; asura; god; goddess,).

These spiritual beings are manifestations of the life-force, planetary avatars whose job it is to affect and guide the destinies of life-forms on this planet. This process is ultimately designed to bring self-awareness and redirect our karmas to higher planes, despite some shifts along the way that can be alleviated by remedies: gems, herbs, rituals, talismans and the like are suggested by some astrologers. That is to say; you can shape your fortune through your actions or motives your take during your lifetime. According to their view destiny represents divine, universal law which directs the creation.


Astrologers, like all real scientists, must use their knowledge in combination with a developed intuition. The horoscope does not so much show a clear fate as a set of probabilities, often operating on many levels simultaneously. These can be reviewed via progressions and transits to the natal chart, along with other more arcane methods such as dasha/bhukti periods and so on. There is much discussion among astrologers as to just how much free will we do have, but that is a moot point. The astrologer must clarify these probabilities, karmic strands, or kleshas, and place them in perspective. The cosmic current is not random and is not driven by chance. It is driven by intent. To turn fate into destiny, we need to understand the perspectives and possibilities inherent in our life-path, or indeed in the cosmic current of anything that has a beginning!


Life is complicated. It is governed by various known and unknown factors. Rishi-Munis had a fair idea of these elements, and they tried to formulate the same in astrology. Prarabdha, Destiny, Rebirth, etc. Are not a subject of modern science. The modern scientific way and the scientific method will not help so much in knowing the things. To know these things astrologers need to practice the way of Rishi-Muni. Besides, Sadhana and meditation on the subject, Spiritual Element, Alignment with higher energies and perception (bodha) of Brahma are necessary.


In life, there are several factors which are variable in nature. So there is complexity in life. Hardly anyone gets such natural result as in the case of 1+1=2. Astrology, of course, can explain the different factors, but its indications are sometimes not so clear. Because, ultimately nine planets (their the place in charts), 12 zodiac signs, 27 Stars, Lagnas, and D-charts have to show all the aspects of complex life. Therefore, on various occasions, it is experienced that astrological indications are not so clear that these may be uttered in absolute terms. At this point, details and background of the question given by querist, reduce the many factors much and an astrologer becomes able to focus on the rest elements.

Other sage’s view is that the stars have a profound influence on us, but since the world is more like a being than a thing, we too can affect them. Life is goal-directed, not random, and astrology is a science of consciousness in action. It marks fate pushing from behind and destiny pulling from ahead. The astrologer’s art is to extract the meaning from the pieces of the planetary puzzle, just as it is the doctor’s skill to find the meaning in the pattern of often seemingly unrelated symptoms. In astrology, as in medicine, the science is intimately bound up with the art.


Furthermore, the Stoics argue this law’s influence isn’t limited but is affecting the universe. The purpose of man’s life doesn’t consist in tricking it or creating some new law of his own; everything a human being is allowed to do, ought to do and has to do lies in getting familiar with the natural laws which regulate the creation and after that, finding his place within it.

Planets’ role in astrology doesn’t consist in their “influencing” man in the sense of current planetary prohibition or permission for any event; their role is to enable us to understand more fully what man’s nature lets (or doesn’t let) he carry out! We should, of course, always bear in mind that all of this wouldn’t be possible in the universe ruled by chaos. This mechanism can only function if we understand the world as a meaningful creation governed by its laws of existence, testified by the lives of each of us. The bond between human life and the position of the planets is much more complicated and shall we say, more intimate than the cause-effect explanations can describe. On the contrary, this bond makes up the means through which in every moment we witness the fact that the universe, hence also we as its inseparable part – has to mean. A good deal of inspiration and insight in these matters can be found in the works of the Stoic

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