Jyotish belief part two


Jyotish view
Jyotish view


Where ever child takes a birth very movement the parents get up with desires and ambitions with the hope whenever this child grow up and come in the field, our wishes and enthusiasm he will comply, but these concerns remain only in the brain or in mind. They do not materialize, but very few people become fortunate whose these wishes materialize,

In modern days thousands of people’s believe in Murti Pooja ( worship of idols of gods and goddesses) and keep faith in everybody without thought be cautious from these individuals who misguide you by telling you the future fortune but ultimately it goes another way.

Nowadays the worldly cravings so blind the heart of people that one is not able to discriminate between the true and the false. Millions of people’s are wandering blindly and hopefully to get or make something by adopting or wearing, the attracting zodiac or astrological items like a pendant, lockets, rings, lucky stones, semi precious stones as shown in fascinating advertisements, fengshui, Vastu. There are many branches of the occult; they are also of interest to gain health, wealth or worldly achievements. Without any actions or motives which do not seem possible as for as the laws of Karma or Jyotish media is concerned. Whatever you sow so you reap, that is to say, you can shape your fortune through your actions or motives you take during your lifetime.

1-One’s karma done in past life (even in this life period )is the cause of grief or happiness. so happiness or sorrow comes to you as the result of your karma.

2-every being in this world would like to be always happy and free from sufferings and pains of any kind, in this world.

There is no one who has not undergone or will not suffer either physical or mental or emotional agonies.

We try to avoid such situations but it is not possible to avoid it, for the several sorrow and pains the real cause is our mind. The mind is the bundle of impressions, thoughts, desires and cravings. A healthy body will come when mind is pure, as one thinks so he becomes, hence positive thoughts, noble, divine thoughts, which should fill the mind, a self-analysis is needed,

So all the misfortunes of men derive from one single thing, which is their inability (to control the mind), a Guru or a guide is needed to ward off or solve your sufferings/pains or obstacles in the way of your life,

If and when you are not able to find a cause of your pains, then depend solely on your Guru god he only can give us lasting help.

A WORD or a sentence of words from your Guru on which you have a firm faith can give you (rebirth of ) a kingly life. (happy and peaceful life ),

guru / Lord has said the cause of all sorrow is desire, but one can get happiness and peace of mind by helping and caring for others, as service to man is service to God.

3- our suffering is the result of our memories of the past and our desires, cravings, and expectation and imagination for future, so if we do not live in the present we will invite unnecessary worries and problems for themselves, and suffer. But if we stay in the present, by god’s grace or with the guidance of guru we automatically live a happier life as guru God has said that Past, Future belongs to the mind, not to existence. So concern yourself with present only, present is most important moment of your life. You are entirely responsible for your joys and sorrows, as you have created your world.

4- God created this world with enough natural resources to fulfill the need of every man and every living being, man can decide his future by his present deeds. If he sows the seeds of vice, sin, and corruption, he reaps the harvest of misery and ruin; miserliness is a great curse. So miserly persons can never dream to have real popularity and inner happiness. So one can have inner happiness and peace of mind also generous heart by helping others through charity.

If you have enough or enough wealth or time you can help someone ( share ) it by giving your time or money to religious and social institution or helping helpless or poor people’s, or you can give something to community in various ways by sharing your knowledge and experience,

5-in our community there are millions of people’s wandering blindly and hopefully to get or make something by mere adopting some myths or superstitions without adopting necessary steps for the cause of their suffering and failure’s or pains they are suffering from blindly.

Many people still flock to places in various parts of the world in the hope that their desires will be fulfilled or diseases may be cured. So it does not seem to be the real solution to their problems,

God or guru says if one does not study hard, and becomes fail in an examination, is not it foolish to blame the stars or planets for their failure?

There are students who do not study all through the year, and then one day before the examination they go to the temple, make offerings and do pooja and think that God will give them the proper result in the test.

Believe how it is possible if you do not study or learn your lesson (books) how will you get success, so guru says it is better to have faith in yourself, have patience.

And rely on the gifts that God has given (mind, intellect, and body) us to make our way through the proper channel, and appropriate way.Rather than relying totally on the myths and superstitions,

The science of astrology should not be adopted only for the sake of financial or pecuniary benefits but for the welfare of the needy or those who are in trouble of some kind can take remedial measures.

As suggested by the science of astrology which is better known to the guru or guide, as astrology is not the shortcut to your monetary gains,

the successful people are those who devote the efforts to achieve success in his undertaking and giving up all his delight or pleasure and moves ahead to earn success in his business with a full constancy of purpose with strong determination and patience,

No one gets success who believe in his fate and sits idle thinking that if he goes to the astrologer ( Pandit ) and get some gemstones or lockets, and do some poojas in a temple and then he will succeed (in his undertaking and business ).

And takes the easy way to get things done can never come up in life as thy fail to understand that success comes only after the lot of preparation, patience, and the right path

astrology is the third eye of Vedas which shows one the right track, but one has to walk on the way that has been demonstrated to him by the guru or the guide ( may be astrologer parents),

so if the man makes a firm resolve meet his or her goal and works towards it wholeheartedly, he or she is almost certain to achieve success.

6 – there is no need to wait for the Muhurat for doing good and important things in one’s life, such as,

(1)– if one has been given the new critical work or opportunity (which rarely come to someone’s life ) to complete his work in a short time, he can not wait until tomorrow for the work he has been given.

( but he should have the specialized skills and knowledge, and one’s own liking for that work he is going to accept. ) (2)If one has to do the darshan of his guru or god and he has the opportunity for that also then he

will not wait for the right Murat for the darshan of his guru or god. No one has command over time, nor it can be brought or recovered, so every breath and second of the lifetime should be used correctly and meaningfully. So concern yourself with modern movement only so we should not waste our time, even our spare time should be wisely used.

“The time is always right to do what is right.”

7- Remember, Life is not a bed of roses but full of thorns. every one of us is worried about something or the other,

As whatever is store for us in this life has been by one’s actions in previous lives, over which we do not have any control, i.e. what we get in this birth ( i.e. our religion parents destiny etc.. as long as our life unfolds pleasingly according to one’s expectations, one tends to become complacent that we have full control over our life.

This sometimes leads us to egoism, that we can do anything, but when the things are not happening in the way that we want or in the way we expect we get set back and frustrations and we suffer a lot.

Then one realizes that we can not do anything as we are controlled by the balance of our previous karma’s right or wrong we have done in past lives, ).

So, we should not wander here and there (exhaust our energies) when we feel worried about something (or our future),.

Without wasting time and our energies we should follow the teachings taught by the guru and the right path shown by the Guru, we should feel Guru’s God’s presence everywhere and involve him in all your activities.

BY the grace of Guru God, we can overcome all of our worries and problems (thorns on the way), and we get courage and strength,


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