Key to Changing Religious beliefs and Rituals

Key to Changing Religious beliefs and Rituals

“Laws, religions, creeds, rituals, and systems of ethics, instead of making society better than its best unit, make it worse than its average unit because they are never up to date.”

Ethics or moral philosophy is a branch of philosophy that involves systematizing, defending, and recommending concepts of right and wrong conduct.  Ethics investigates the questions “What is the best way for people to live?” and “What actions are right or wrong in particular circumstances to resolve questions of human morality, by defining concepts such as good or evil, right or wrong.

Beliefs are often, but not always connected to religion. Our beliefs grow from what we see, hear, experience, read and think about. From these things, we develop an opinion that we hold to be true and unmovable at that time. Additionally, they can be Empowering Beliefs, which are related to excellence and how it could be achieved, or Limiting Beliefs, where your behavior is not what you want, but you think you cannot change it.

Religious beliefs are expressed through ritualized behavior and festivals. Many rituals and festivals take place in public, meaning that such expressions of faith are societal as well as individual forms of human behavior.  The similarity in the general patterns of rituals and festivals across cultures and religions is striking. For example, most cultures and religions mark major life-course transitions such as birth, marriage, and death with public ritual expressions,

Some occultists believe that rituals can also bring about changes in the course of events by directing energy toward specific ends: healing illness, for example, or producing wealth or financial harm, producing victory or defeat in battle, preventing war, and controlling the weather conditions. Other desired effects can include preventing or causing accidents and injuries, applying or eliminating negative influences,  altering social relations, producing good or bad luck, and acquiring paranormal capabilities such as the ability to fly through the air, walk on water, see the future, control spirits, and converse with the deceased. Rituals for the worship of divinities and for festivity are also common. Not all persons who perform mystic rituals are considered to be “magicians.” The term “magician,” usually carries a meaning of illegitimacy in that it implies a person invoking spiritual forces outside of traditional authority.

Mystic as a ritual activity assumes the existence of magic. A magical worldview is one in which all things are connected to each other on an occult, spiritual, or subtle level of existence. Some systems of magical thought have elaborate cosmologies that describe multiple levels of existence such as the physical, mental, and spiritual levels. Generally, the mystic is seen as the ability to access and manipulate the mental and spiritual levels of existence through ritual activity and thereby alter or control the shapes, actions, and events occurring to persons, spirits, or objects at a distance. Belief in magic is found in many regions of the world.

Mystic is frequently believed to cause attacks by evil spirits and black magic. Believers think that magicians can manipulate evil spirits and send them to attack or possess their enemies. Many types of attacks are especially common. These attacks are experienced by men and women throughout the world mostly having less self-confidence. Persons being attacked will usually panic, sometimes running around in a crazed fashion while trying to escape the magicians. These attacks are usually understood by psychiatrists and psychotherapists as symptoms of psychotic disorders nowadays. All of these types of spirit attack are commonly believed to be evidence of magic by people in many cultures.

The key to changing your rituals, belief system nowadays is to change your thoughts. The mind basically thinks and acts like it has been trained to do during its formative years.

Physiologically, if we start linking our problems to above-mentioned subjects, like black magic, and we start blaming it the whole time, for any problem we face and slowly with time we make a belief that “I am not able to cure or achieve success due to black magic is done on me”. This simply gives you depression which is same as surrender to the problems.

Things like black magic, negative energy, attracted towards you, only if you have believed in them or, only when you give them a room for a stay in your mind. Knowingly or unknowingly this makes a belief in black magic at back of our mind due to lack of self-confidence.

Don’t believe on earlier mentioned practice, it’s the same thing like giving your remote control on others hand.

Psychotherapists also spiritualists describe that you start attracting things around you which you believe without any doubt and it’s up to you whether you use it for your achievement or for your destruction.

The mind is a wonderful servant but a terrible master. If you have become a negative thinker, this is because you have not cared for your mind and taken the time to train it to focus on the good.”

“Enlightened thinkers know that their thoughts from their world and the quality of one’s life comes down to the richness of one’s thoughts. If you want to live a more peaceful, meaningful life, you must think more peaceful, meaningful thoughts.”

“Thoughts are vital, living things, little bundles of energy if you will. Most people don’t give any thought to the nature of their thoughts and yet, the quality of your thinking determines the quality of your life.”

Well, you can overpower your negative thoughts with more positive thoughts. But you should also meet your demons. Face them straight on. And overpower them with more positive thoughts.

How you do it, is up to you. There are some people that meditate. Some people listen to spiritual speeches, some people pray. Some people read spiritual subjects. Some people sing. Some people write. Some people work on specific hobbies if in case you do not have try to create one, Or you can take an approach using any or selected of the above.  If you lie to yourself about the things that you think are positive, that can really hurt you because you are avoiding reality. So just face your demons. But also learn to show gratitude. Gratitude is the key.

So you see,   Positive thoughts doesn’t result from the change of a calendar, or the change of the position of the moon and the sun. It depends on every one of us ‘what are you thinking?’ – What is going through your mind right now, what are you thinking about’ right at this moment, tomorrow, and forever after. So focus  on positive thoughts, have regular exercise  (or morning and evening walk), and spiritual listening is very simple and must in that cases, besides key to positive thoughts, it must be given high priority in spiritual and ethical development for the people lacking in self-confidence to produce natural healing(positive) energy for your – mind, body and spirit.

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