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Now a day’s worldly cravings so blind the heart of people that one is not able to discriminate between the genuine and false. Also, fast pace of modern culture may put our mind in completely confused or disordered state of mind.

So many of us are confused what to do, as there are too many things that reside in our mind, that may or will cause depression or stress, so it is essential for all of us to have some peace of mind in our life.

When thoughts and worries cease, and there is no stress, strain or fear, people will also feel inner calmness and tranquility, together with a sense of freedom. At this time the mind becomes calmer, with fewer thoughts and fewer worries. Even while you are deeply asleep, not aware of your thoughts, you are in a state of inner peace.
The question is, how to bring more peace of mind into our life, and more importantly, how to experience it in times of trouble and to bring more moments of inner peace into your everyday lives. Remember it is not easy to control our mind or desires as Ego, anger, lust, greed, attachment.

But if someone who follows the guidance of religious teachings or some guide or guru he will be able to get inner peace of mind, here are some of the simple things mentioned in some religious texts given below for the readers so as they can get peace of mind,
It will be easier to have a peaceful mind if you don’t have too much stuff to worry about. So always look for ways to simplify your life. Eliminate the things which are not essential so that you can focus on the important. So reduce the amount of time on unnecessary enjoyment or time pass activities.Instead of thinking too much of ourselves, we should think more of others. Think of what you can do for others and do it. There is joy in giving which will give you peace of mind. Do not be jealous of others. Stay away from negative conversations, learn to be patient and tolerant of the conditions that come in the way. Every day we face numerous hurdles and obstacles in every way of life and situations that are beyond our control. If we can change them, that’s fine, but this is not always possible. We must learn to put up with such things and accept them cheerfully. In whatever you do, you do not need to be in a rush. Slow down so that you can clearly hear the voice of your heart and intuition.
Forget the past and concentrate on the present moment. There is no need to evoke unpleasant memories and immerse yourself in them for what is gone or happened in the past. Therefore, do not think of the past or the future, we can never recover the past, make good use of present, man suffers because he forgets the present.

Learn to practice meditation. Even a few minutes a day will make a change in your life. Inner peace ultimately leads to external peace. By creating peace in our inner world, we bring it into the outer world, affecting a community and other people too.

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