Now a day worldly craving so blind the heart of people that one is not able to lead a simple life without chaos of the daily routine life. Simple living and high thinking is a way of life. It indicates that one should devote one’s life to the pursuit of knowledge and culture instead of bothering about high standard of living. The goal of life is to become happy. Simple living covers a number of different planned practices to simplify one’s life style. These may include reducing one’s possessions or increasing self-sufficiency. Enthusiasts may choose simple living for a variety of personal reasons, such as spirituality, health, wealth, happiness or reducing personal ordinary impression and stress.   Simple living may be characterized by individuals being satisfied with what they need rather than they want.  The basic principle of simple living is accepting whatever is necessary for maintaining the body, One only accepts that which is necessary for existence and does not take anything that is an unnecessary complication to life.

Simple living signifies that one should acquire or possess resources or products or assets to the minimum.  Much of our time is wasted in planning and strategizing about how to attain high standard of living. In this process one becomes anxious, frustrated and depressed.  One does not get lasting happiness by living a showy lifestyle. We do not need branded clothes to wear or have cupboards full of designer clothes. Partying every other night neither wins us lifelong friends nor does it permanently remove our boredom. Most people live a life of a complexity disharmony at home, false promises, bad associations, too much show off, self-created splendor, and a constant craving for more and more. Desires are endless, the more we have, the more we need and we are never satisfied. We need to do everything in right proportion as per our requirements.

People are having luxuries unlimited that come in latest modern devices like cell phones, laptops, plasma TVs, club memberships etc. Anything new in the market is bound to be with the consumer. Inspire of all these facilities, the common man has no time to devour these luxuries which he spent with his hard earned money. The trauma does not end here. He also takes perks like maintenance of luxuries he had purchased from market, hospital expenditure with the fat income he earns. The amount of miseries he faces stand nowhere in front of the salary he acquires. What is the thing he is missing on? A simple living.

Simple living is distinct from those living in forced poverty. Simple living means to find balance in our life by which our mind, our body are in the most optimum condition. One should not eat too much or eat too little, sleep too much or sleep too little. If we do anything in extremes, then our whole consciousness becomes very much infected and affected. Real happiness is in contentment and being happy with what we have and live a simple life. Undoubtedly, Human Life is meant for attaining a state of permanent happiness but unfortunately despite so much advancement in science & technology still we are neither happy nor peaceful at all. Something has drastically gone wrong. Simple Living High Thinking is about bringing that good change in the society which we are looking for.

If one is truly serious about achieving the ultimate goal of human life by perfecting his spiritual inquiry, he must adopt a life style that is conducive to the cultivation of self-realizing knowledge. High thinking also refers to rising above unimportant and routine issues. As ones spiritual growth increases, one tends to think about higher things and does not get trapped and lost in the usual worldly matters.

This life style can be beautifully summarized in the phrase ‘simple living and high thinking’. Here simple living is in relation to maintenance of the body, and high thinking is in relation to the aim of one’s intellectual pursuits.



    Dr Chandan Chatterjee

    (Jun 6, 2015 - 4:17 am)

    in a very simple way , significance of SIMPLE LIVING & HIGH THINKING and its impact is explained…

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