As you sow so shall you reap

As you sow so shall you reap

“You are free to choose, but you are not free from the consequences of your choice. Always do your best and forget the rest. What you plant now, you will harvest later.”

As you sow so shall you reap.

Man is responsible for the effect of his actions. If the action is based on goodness, it will churn out the only goodness in the long run. If the action has been evil, the outcome also tends to be evil. This wants us to check our actions whenever they tend to be evil or harmful to others. Besides, good deeds endow us with a clear conscience thus making our lives smooth and cheerful. In short goodness will always bear goodness in our life. Similarly, the benefits that one enjoys in life are directly proportionate to the efforts that one puts in. If a person is lazy about doing any job, then he or she cannot expect any benefit out of that. Here it can also refer to the fact that in order to have mature and responsible adults, one must always instill good habits and sensible moral values in children.

Our life is nothing else but it is just like an agricultural soil; if we want better crop from this soil than we must sow the good seeds in it; because quality and quantity of the crop is completely depending upon the quality and quantity of seeds we have sown.

A child who is well matured and motivated to study well will surely shine in his academic field and grow up into a good Samaritan. All men desire the blessings of perfect bliss. We can either make or mar our own destiny. Each of us can be an architect of our own future and windfall. If he sows the seeds of sin and corruption, he will reap the harvest of ruin. Hence our duty is clear, we must be virtuous to achieve happiness, for as we sow so shall we reap

The inherent meaning is that the consequences depend on the action. Our present makes our future. If you work and struggle and mold your present well enough, you are bound to reap its fruits.

Read this story-

Once a king ordered his three ministers to take a bag and go to the forest and fill up the bag with fruits. He clearly told them not to ask anybody for help and not to rely on each other. Each one should fulfil this task by himself.

The first minister thought that since the king has ordered for collection of fruits, he must collect the best of the fruits in the bag.

The second minister thought that since the king is a very busy person, he may not look very thoroughly into the bag what has been collected and hence he collected whatever he could lay his hands. Thus his bag was filled up with a mixture of good and rotten fruits.

The third minister thought that the king would see only externally how big the bag is and hence he just filled up the bag with all dried leaves and dust.

All the three ministers came back to the court with their respective bags, having executed the order of collecting the fruits.

The king, without even seeing what their bags contained, just ordered that now the three ministers must be sent to separate jails for three months, wherein they had collected the fruits.

The first minister could spend the three months in the jail by eating the collected. The second one could for some time with the best fruits in the bag and later he developed diseases from eating the rotten fruits he had collected. The third minister had nothing to eat and hence could not survive.

Moral of the story

From the above story we understand that we have to undergo the consequences of our own activities. You will be suffering your own reactions after your karmas, any single karma you perform, you have to suffer for it. Good and bad, everything, you have to have this reaction, no doubt about it. All the pains and pleasures, man experiences are the results of his own actions and not due to

Any action of the Cosmic. The Planet will not affect you any more than what you have completed. He delivers to you whatever you have sown to pay to you. The grief or joy you derive from the contents of the karma are your own. Likewise, the suffering or happiness one experiences are the results of one’s own bad or good deeds and are not derived from Cosmic.

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