Parents have to cultivate a winning attitude in their children. They need to tell their children that they can be successful. By observing and studying the behaviour, the inclinations, the preferences, and the tendencies of a child we can form an idea as to what sort of man he will develop into. It is the subconscious mind that needs to know this.

1. The parents should carefully watch the child and note his leanings so that if it displays a keen preference for a particular branch of knowledge, an inclination towards religion, an irrepressible intellectual curiosity, etc.,

They can, according to, for instance, train and help it in growing to its natural bent of mind and temperament2. Provide role models for educational achievement. You, your child and his teachers must not think that working class, poor children cannot succeed in school, they can. There are plenty of people from disadvantaged backgrounds that have achieved in school against the odds. Look for such role models.

3. Make realistic goals. Give confidence to your child to aim for the top ten percent of his or her class in his favourite subject at least, not necessarily for the top position.

4. Ignore the problem – focus on the so, for instance, say ‘you must not watch Television while doing homework.’ Say ‘do your homework in a place free of distractions,’ and set aside an area where the child can do homework free of the distractions of TV.

5. Try to keep it simple. Do not try to accomplish everything at once and keep your instructions and guidance simple. Simple words will be dealt with more swiftly by the subconscious mind.

6. Belief and confidence. Believe in the abilities of your child and yourself and have assurance and faith in them. The human mind is considerably powerful, and it has few restrictions. If you have confidence in the ability of your child to accomplish then, you will inculcate that trust in your child also. Hire a tutor only if you feel you must. If you can pay for a trainer, then it may be a good thing to hire one. There are some good inexpensive ones on the Internet.

7. Meditate. Learn meditation with your children; it will benefit both you and them. Meditation enhances mental focus and thinking in common.

As Shivaji (in India), was fond of listening to stories of valour and heroism, grew up into a warrior himself. Similarly, there are much more such instances in every part of a world that can give motivation to the children. Sometimes the child may not get an opportunity to develop its natural bent of mind, but in the long run, the native talent or aptitude for a particular work will emerge, and the man will achieve distinction in the sphere to which he rightly belongs. So keep the friendly relationship with children and help them whatever you can do for them or provide the necessary things they do need, as anyone cannot change anyone, but everyone can change himself if he wants to do by himself by the grace of God.

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