Jyotish – The Divine eye of Wisdom

Jyotish (Astrology) is considered to be “the eye of the Veda. “The divine eye of wisdom, the science which helps one see the life path. … Jyotisha (which means ‘light, heavenly body’) is the traditional Hindu system of astrology, also known as Hindu astrology, Indian astrology, and more recently Vedic astrology.

The Hindu system of astrology is known as Jyotisha (Jyotish), or Vedic knowledge. The name Jyotish or Jyotisha is the Sanskrit name for Vedic astrology that means the inner light. Vedic was the language used in the Vedas, four ancient, sacred scriptures on which the Hindu religion is based.

Jyotish astrology is one of the oldest forms of astrology that is not based on another type but came from independent origins. It uses thoughts that are observational, and intuitive. It can offer answers to one’s love life, career, family, finances, or even offer insight into one’s spiritual life. It has traditionally been passed down from father to son or guru to disciple.

Mother of all Sciences: Astrology is a science which helps mankind in predicting/determining past, present, future events/activities/affairs of living and non-living things. Astrology is the study of everything in /about the universe. So, it is a divine science.

The science of Jyotish relates to understanding the unforeseen influences that come to us from the universe. Jyotish considers these impacts a reflection of the past Karma. Jyotish holds that the periods when the results of our past actions, good or bad, come to fruition are indicated by planetary positions at the time of birth. This life has been given to man to sort out the consequences of past Karma deliberately done, in many past lives, as well as in the present life. Man cannot be liberated, until and unless he has sorted out and neutralized all effects of past and ongoing Karma, and bringing the Karmic balance to nil. Jyotish, also holds that it can help one to understand how to optimize his potential by giving one an idea of the trends and periods of life – when to act, how to act and when not to act.

For predicting events related to individuals for predicting/analysing psychological traits of people, diseases, medicine, cure, remedies, souls journey, karmic laws, etc. knowledge of astrology and predictive techniques in Astrology is sufficient. Because it shows you how you are at default due to your previous actions.

Thus, Jyotish claims it can help one to understand his weaknesses, where one may need to put extra attention to attain fullness in his life. The Jyotish further holds that you have to do many good deeds in your current life to get rid of previous karmas, meditation, spiritual practices and propitiation of the planets through special ritual worship (through mantras) and other suggested actions can neutralize the effects of Karma. To reduce the effect of bad karmas done in past or previous life or to get rid of them all together one needs to find a Complete Saint (Satguru / True Guru). A Complete Guru can nullify the effect of all the bad karmas done in the past.

In short, it helps to keep an eye upon yourself so that you can rectify yourself and become a better person…
But yes, unfortunately, people think by doing remedies they can become rich or can excel in exams without putting their efforts.

The science of astrology should not be adopted only for the sake of financial or pecuniary benefits but for the welfare of the needy or those who are in trouble of some kind can take remedial measures.

As suggested by the science of astrology which is better known to the guru or guide, as astrology is not the shortcut to your monetary gains,
This is why it’s been said as the eye of Veda.

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