Positive Attitude

positive attitude

“A single conversation across the table with a man of positive attitude is better than ten years mere study of books.”

Having a positive attitude is a primary point of contentment. It is the most essential cause which determines how a person devotes his life, positivity inspires good habits, and good habits helps the healthy living and healthy living is a happy life.

Thoughts and Feelings transform into energy, which I believe transmutes in karma. Either we spread positive or negative karma through our energy of thoughts and actions.

Day by day, people rely on negative feelings and prospects because it’s easier to see people fall on the first impediment than to see them overcome thousands of them to draw a positive outcome. Accept things you can’t control. People will judge you, you have no control over them. Accept it and move on. Also, realize that whatever people express about you isn’t true. You must accept criticism from others and feedback to get better but most of the times what people say about you is their perception of things. If they see negative in you then you can clearly understand that person thinks negative. It’s more to do about them, not you.

Nowadays being around positive people is rare. It’s harder to come determined on a table and cheer up everyone than to come negative and sit with the negative karma all along. However, there is a remedy! We can all be spirited and happy!

The most important attribute of people with the positive mindset is that they see opportunity in every difficulty. You become what you regularly think about. The direction of thoughts is generally governed by the kind of people with whom you spend most of your time. People can have the strongest effect on our lives. For this reason, it is advised to choose your friends with utmost care because the association has a major impact on our lives. And because attitude is communicable, if you stay with positive people for a while they will leave an impression of their attitude on you.

There are certain ways through which one can develop a positive attitude towards life. People with the positive attitude are the ones who can make a house out of bricks thrown at them. Every human born on this planet has some special talent/merit he/she is unaware of. Try to find that in yourself, no one knows you better than yourself. Spend time alone, start loving your own company. Discover the hidden aspect of your personality.

“You are what you eat” is a famous saying and it applies to your mind also. Exercise seemed to be the most effective way of “healing” all sorts of emotional ills. Early morning walk is the best exercises for the healthy life. It gives us a sense of happiness calms our agitated nerves and cools the mind body and soul.  Spirituality teaches a philosophy of life to develop a vision, which always finds out something good even from a bad thing or person and by doing so, after some time you become pure day by day. The whole message of spirituality is to develop a positive thought process and always try to find out good from everything and everyone.

Use the words carefully as it affects our happiness and has a lot more power than we think. How you talk about your life is how your life will be. Your mind hears what you say. If you describe your life as unexciting, boring, confused, that is how you will perceive it and you will feel the effects in your body and mind. If you use the words simple, involved, familiar or lively, you will see your life in a whole different light and find more enjoyment in the way you chose to shape your life.

Be it your hobby or interest in playing an instrument, dancing, painting, travelling around the city, taking photos, writing blogs on websites. Take out time to pursue your interest, doing it brings happiness and you never know, might end up making a career out of it! Act fast on what you don’t like, getting held is a foremost hindrance to positivity.

Being positive doesn’t mean that you have to be careless to problems. Positive people have the dynamic attitude to improve conditions. If you are going to point out problems in people or situations, place just as much effort into suggesting solutions. Instead of pointing out all of the things that are wrong, offer ways to make it better.

A person has full freedom to spend his life the way he wants, no one else can decide for him/her. People have different performances, philosophies, beliefs, trusts, lifestyles, mindset, civilizations and judging them based on your considerations is completely improper. Judging others instils pessimism, anger which is a total give away for developing the positive attitude.

Most important I would say. The busier you are, far away do you get from the negativity. If you are doing things you like, you will not find time for things that make you unhappy.

Be your own sun, the source of energy!

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