The Key to Self-Control astrological way.

Key to Self-Control astrological way

 “Stop overthinking. You can’t control everything. Just let it be.”

“Meditate. Live purely. Be quiet. Do your work with mastery. Like the moon, come out from behind the clouds! Shine.”.

If you take truly take good care of your physical, emotional and spiritual desires you will feel considerably better about yourself. Taking care of you is one of the best ways to guarantee your new self-control.

Stress is the enemy of self-control. Whenever you feel overwhelmed or stressed is when you tend to have the weakest moments of self-control. Research habits that help you manage these pressures. Popular habits people implement are meditation, exercise, breathing exercises, or even moderate eating habits.

Meditate every night before going to bed. It will ease mental and/or physical tension, and to get into the right state of mind before falling asleep. Do it every time when you wake up the next morning feeling calm, motivated, and at peace. The entire day will be better because of it.

Nothing builds self-control like waking up early. Be sure to have something that excites you in the morning (drinking two glasses of water the night before helps too!)

Just like meditation, exercise improves a wide range of willpower related factors such as attention, mood, stress management, anxiety, energy, and so on.

Self-control requires energy and attention. By eating junk food, you kill both concentration and energy. The benefits of the right diet have shown up After the replacing some of the sugary foods and refined carbohydrates with fruits, vegetables, and whole grains, there was an improvement in health, happiness and also healthy meals can keep an individual’s body fit while maintaining the blood sugar levels and avoiding mood swings.

Self-control is to limit yourself to something. If you like very delicious food and you stop yourself from having moderate food eating, that’s self-control.

Self-awareness is to observe the activity of oneself. Being aware of the movements of the body, mind, and everything that goes within.

The practice of meditation is one of the tools to improve your self-awareness.

Self-awareness means knowing who and what you are. Most people think they are the body and mind, but these are material elements and we are spiritual entities that are caught inside a material body and identify with the body as ourselves.

By unraveling ourselves from the body consciousness we can again awaken our spiritual consciousness and become aware of who and what we actually are instead of thinking we are this material body which is no more than a dress that is constantly changed by the passage of time.

Self-control means resisting the urges of the mind and senses which are forever prompting us to perform activities for their satisfaction. Indulging the senses keeps us in the consciousness that “I am my mind and body,” and so we cannot awaken our spiritual dimension. By controlling the senses, desires settle down like sediment in the water and then the water becomes clear and we can see what’s what. Self-control is a prerequisite for self-realization or self -awareness.

The secret to more self-control is self-control itself. Every time you act with discipline and opt for the harder instead of the easier and more pleasurable option, you grow your overall self-control muscle.

Self-control begets self-control.

Just keep challenging yourself and live with as much discipline as you can gather. Try your best to choose meditation instead of Facebook, exercise instead of the TV, studying instead of playing video games, going to bed early instead of watching another episode of Game of Thrones.

Keep pushing yourself that way, and you’ll slowly but steadily grow your self-control.

Most importantly, remember that it’s OK to fail. We’re all human.

Once you give up trying to control unwanted emotions, they stop controlling you. Accept the temptations, but remember that you choose whether to act on them.

Our urges are like a wave. They build in intensity, but finally crash and dissolve. Learn to ride the wave. Focus on identifying the thoughts that go against what’s truly important.

Self-control is about understanding yourself, not changing who you are. Being aware of what you feel is the best willpower tool.

“You can’t change who you are, but you can change what you have in your head; you can refresh what you’re thinking about, you can put some fresh air in your brain.”

Our suffering is the result of our memories of the past and our desires, cravings, and expectation and imagination for future, so if we do not live in the present we will invite unnecessary worries and problems for themselves, and suffer. But if we stay in the present, by God’s grace or with the guidance of guru we automatically live a happier life as guru God has said that Past, Future belongs to the mind, not to exist. So concern yourself with present only, the present is the most important moment of your life. You are entirely responsible for your joys and sorrows, as you have created your world.

Every being in this world would like to be always happy and free from sufferings and pains of any kind, in this world. There is no one who has not undergone or will not suffer either physical or mental or emotional agonies.

We try to avoid such situations but it is not possible to avoid it, for the several sorrow and pains the real cause is our mind. The mind is the bundle of impressions, thoughts, desires, and cravings. A healthy body will come when the mind is pure, as one thinks so he becomes, hence positive thoughts, noble, divine thoughts, which should fill the mind, a self-analysis is needed,

Our Activities is the manifestation of our thoughts, expression, societal norms and our own level of self-control – so it all becomes a choice that we make.

Regardless of the feelings – their strength, their persistence, and their origins – it’s up to us whether to act on them or not.

That is why you are the master of your activities – anything other than this would mean that someone/something else is in charge of us, which is concerning, to say the least.

Everybody has got their own way of moving themselves. People always complain about their surroundings until they realize that they were the main cause of the unproductive situation inside them. Most of the time we lie to ourselves and live in an illusion but we don’t know that the power to change the illusion into the reality lies on us.

If you want a better life, you need to make better decisions, you can blame other people for your lack of results or happiness all life long, but doesn´t change anything. Only you can change your life by changing the choices you make. Take responsibility for everything in your life, even if you can´t directly influence it. Even if it´s not in your direct control, you can always choose how you respond.

So if you want to control yourself start practicing focus and concentration and control your mind.

“Our levels of desire, patience, persistence, and confidence end up playing a much larger role in success than sheer reasoning powers.”

So all the misfortunes of men derive from one single thing, which is their inability (to control the mind), a Guru or a guide is needed to ward off or solve your sufferings/pains or obstacles in the way of your life,

If and when you are not able to find a cause of your pains, then depend solely on your Guru / Lord, and or his name he only can give us lasting help.

A WORD or a sentence of words from your Guru on which you have a firm faith can give you (rebirth of) a kingly life. (Happy and peaceful life),

Guru / Lord has said the cause of all sorrow is desire, but one can get happiness and peace of mind by helping and caring for others, as service to man is service to God.

“Only the quality, that is the social surrounding, the physical appearance and the mental abilities of a person are fixed by the deeds of his previous existences, but in no way his actions.”

Hope this helps..!!!

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